What Are Your Shoes Saying About You?

When was the last time you really thought about what your shoes were saying to the world? The condition and style of a person’s shoe soles has been said to indicate the condition and style of their inner soul. Let’s break down the personality types behind 15 of the most popular styles of footwear.

Sneakers: The sneaker wearer is hip, youthful, and busy. These are the preferred shoes for the person who is not only on the go, but cares more about where they’re going, than what people will think once they get there. The bearer of sneakers are witty, playfully sarcastic, and spontaneous. They are hard to hold down, and are often gone just as quick as they arrived.

Ratty Sneakers: While a high maintenance shoe is generally used to describe a high maintenance woman, in the case of men, higher maintenance often symbolizes a personality type more willing to put more effort into a relationship. The more worn a man allows his footwear to become before repair or replacement, the more wear he may allow his relationships to undergo before doing anything about it.

Running Shoes: The running or jogging shoe is the chosen footwear of those who are active, athletic, or enjoy the increased support/comfort of a performance shoe. Fitness and health will be seen as important to this person, whether they are worn to the gym or in front of the television.

Cowboy Boots: While boots in general are a symbol of power, the cowboy boot symbolizes freedom, tradition, ruggedness, and the Wild West.

Loafers: The loafer in exotic leather is the preferred footwear of the player. When worn without socks, the bearer considers himself one step closer to your bedside than anybody else in the room.

Flats: The flat shoe wearer is steady and grounded in life. They prefer stability and security to being a big risk taker. This person is often energetic, high paced, and exudes a zest for experiencing life to the fullest.

Wedge-Heeled Shoes: The wedge heel bearer is practical and sure footed. Many guys will see her as low maintenance, while the business world will see her as ambitious and determined. While these shoes are considered hip and trendy, the bearer is often more about the comfort and condition of their feet than the fashion statement they are making.

Stilettos: The stiletto is often associated with man-eaters, the self indulgent, and the power hungry. Put a pointy tip on the toe, and men will either be on the lookout for a hostile business takeover, or a once in a lifetime sex experience. The stiletto demands attention, and the more flashy it appears, the more pain it may inflict, as it walks over whoever or whatever stands in the way of getting what it wants.

Designer Shoes: A designer shoe is said to be an extension of the skin of its bearer. In other words, if featured with snake or animal print, it may indicate a slithery, self absorbed lover or hungry, indulgent gold digger. The higher the maintenance of the material, the more maintenance will be required to satisfy its bearer. Dawned with sparkle and bling, when it comes to attracting men, these shoes are like the worm on a fishing hook.

Platform Shoes: The person who wears platform shoes relays the same confidence and sexiness as stilettos, but under a more practical and sure footed nature. Some men associate overly high platforms with being easy and naughty, but under the right outfit, they can just as easily symbolize power and responsibility.

High-Heeled Boots: The bearer of this wicked foot candy is daring, confident, and prefers to stand out in a crowd. This person is not always as confident as the shoe lends itself to be, as heeled boots can hide insecurities just as easily as flaunt strengths.

Ballet Slippers: People who wear ballet slippers are casual and comfortable in their own skin. Just as the shoe easily conforms to fit the delicate arches of ones foot, its bearer can adjust themselves to fit just about any environment or situation. These shoes are supple and caring, just as these people tend to be with matters of the heart.

Flip-Flops: Flip flops symbolize a youthful, mellow, money-conscious, and down-to-earth person. While maybe considered a bit unpolished at times, the flip-flop bearer is easy to please, and even easier to get along with.

Vintage Shoes: The vintage shoe gives the vibe of tradition and family. Many women are envious of other women who can wear these well. On the opposite spectrum, many men assume these are a symbol of poverty or lamenting the death of a love one.

Fuzzy Sleepers: These cute foot accents maybe comforting on the inside of the home, but outside, they symbolize laziness, immaturity and irresponsibility.

Personal empowerment begins from the ground up. What you wear on your feet can have a lot to say about who you are, so choose wisely. You only have but one chance to make a first impression!

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6 thoughts on “What Are Your Shoes Saying About You?

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I wonder what it means when one likes to go barefoot ?
    I only wear shoes or boots when I go outside, but I’m always barefoot inside my home. I have laminate wood floors, with a scattering of Victorian oriental rugs, thru out my old farmhouse and, especially in the summer, that cool, smooth floor feels good on my feet.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. Jacqueline

    Hi Eric,
    I think we should all print this, we could do readings on everyone we come across, I have to say, as I look in my closet It ranges from cowboy boots, to high healed boots, high healed wrap around the ankle 70’s type, of course everyone has to have a pair of platforms, then again wedge high heals too, not so much a loafer or sneaker girl except for running.

    What a fun article, Have a happy New Year!
    Jacqueline x9472

  3. misskrystal

    Hi- I loved this-busting up reading it…
    I am the Wedge shoe and running shoe gal-I can’t stand wearing skinny heels…I need comfort lol
    Kudos to the women who can tolerate those high heels!
    I love my naturlizers and aerosols- what would I do without them? Try them and you may get hooked…
    Happy New Year, Eric…You are awesome…WE APPRECIATE YOU
    Miss Krystal

  4. amyrdcsp

    Ok…I had to comment on this one! Yes Gina Rose, this is Amy the shoe girl! I LOVE shoes! I have quite a variety…no cowboy boots, however. So I am reading through the personality types associated with the shoes and I am thinking about what I have the most of in my closet…what type of shoe do I mostly go for? Some of my shoes are a combination. For example, I have a couple of pairs of stilettos, but they have a platform. These must reflect the fact that I enjoy being sexy, but I don’t want my quiet confidence and power as a woman to go unnoticed…I am DEFINITELY not easy! :o) I’m kind of that understated sexy…that librarian that takes her glasses off and lets her hair down, but only for the absolute right person who is deserving of that side of me…the practical and earthy Virgo that I am. Which leads me to what I own the majority of: wedges, flip flops, and athletic shoes. The description of these is quite accurate and sums up my personality and approach to life…until I put the platform stilettos on!

    Thanks for the article! This clears up a lot about what occupies a large part of my closet!

    Blessings and Happy New Year!


  5. tray

    Interesting. With the exception of wedge-heeled and platform shoes, as a long term single man I pretty much agree with the assessments above when applied to women. Of course, shoes are only part of the overall picture. Clothing, hair, and nails are also indicators, which, on that, long red nails are generally big red flags, but that’s another story.

    Clogs (open in the back) weren’t listed above. What about them? In my experience, women who wear clogs are generally the easy-going free spirit type and often more sexually available than others, with the possible exception of flip-flops wearers.

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi eric,
    What a fun article !!!!! LOL …LOVED it !

    I wear either nice sneakers or COWBOY boots and jeans ( since I live in a wild secluded area with rugged terain ) !!!! And I used to own and ride horses.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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