Can You Fake It?

So… you’re in a relationship with someone. They’re smart, funny, attractive and they treat you well. Still, something feels off… you’re not totally sold. However, faced with the prospect of another lonely Saturday night versus a date or lover, company wins, hands down. After all, plenty of people make relationships that aren’t quite “right” work, don’t they?

So what’s the harm in deciding to stick with what you’ve got even if it’s not perfect? No one’s perfect, after all… and expecting perfection would be unrealistic, unfair… unreasonable even. Right? Wrong.

It may be true that none of us are perfect. But there are people who are perfect for you. And while plenty of other people may settle when it comes to love, electing to accept less than you want is never the thing to do – at least not if you want to be happy. You can fake it but you don’t want to. And here’s why:

You CAN always get what you want
While it may seem hard to believe (and can take time), if you’re truly open and working on actually being the one you want to meet, that person will come your way. The universe is built upon laws of attraction. You’ll get what you give for better or worse. Trust it.

So, rather than wallowing in what seems like never ending loneliness and asking for someone – anyone – to come along and fill the space in your bed, live your life engaged and aware that love is coming to you… in whatever specific form you need it. When faith gets tough, consider your life experience. Haven’t you usually gotten what you needed when you’ve needed it – even if, in hindsight, what you needed was simply a lesson?

Accept no substitutions
Just like carob is not chocolate and yogurt is not cheese, the person you like but know you aren’t in love with won’t kill your craving for the real deal. In other words, when you stick around for the sake of it – or in an effort to fill the void – you’ll still find yourself longing (and probably looking around for something better). You may even grow envious of others and maybe even jealous of your mate’s friends and co-workers. Guilt will prevail. In that state of discord, you’ll either wonder what’s wrong with you or blame your mate. You’ll probably do a little bit of both. In that situation, you’re not only depriving yourself of what’s right for you, you’re preventing the person you’re with from finding their perfect fit, which is down right cruel.

What’s good for me is good for you
Just like the law of attraction, the universe dictates that by expressing yourself and going after what you want is the best way to keep the world around you in balance. In other words, staying in something because you don’t want to hurt someone – or if you’re simply not in love with them – is actually hurting them far more in the long run than honesty would. Because what’s good for you, is ultimately good for cosmic order.

While it may sting your partner initially when you leave (if that’s what it comes to), electing to settle for nothing but what works, opens you both up to a happier existence. Finding what you actually want also means being able to give it back. In the end, it’s the giving of love that makes us feel the best (and does the most good)… So why rob yourself of that?

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