DreamCast: The Same Dream for 9 Weeks

I have had this same dream for nine weeks every night . . . my mum who has been dead now for 21 years came to me and asked me to go to Laglio, Lake Como, Italy. The dream is about a church in Laglio and a villa. She’s asking me to go to this church and telling me I’m going to meet someone who will tell me something. What does it mean?

Thelma in Liverpool

Dear Thelma,

Well, if this were my dream, I would have succumbed to my curiosity and packed my bags and flown to Italy! Have you investigated to see if a church exists there, like your mom described? I believe loved ones in the afterlife come to us in dreams with valuable messages for us. Perhaps there is someone connected to that church who has a message for you. Of course, the dream may be symbolic – perhaps your mother is urging you to pay more attention to your spiritual life, as symbolized by the church.

The first thing to ask yourself is, did my mother have ties to this location in Italy? Did this church or location have any special meaning for her – or for you? What comes to mind when you think of that region of Italy? The answers that come to you can illuminate what your dream means. But if you draw a blank, then perhaps it’s time to visit a little church in Lagilio!

Sweet dreams,


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