6 Ridiculous Things Men Do to Impress Women

Since man first walked the earth, he has spent considerable time and effort impressing and “getting the girl.” Whereas centuries ago he may have dragged a fresh kill over to the women’s basket-weaving circle, these days there are all sorts of ways a man tries to prove his stud-liness to female audiences. Let’s take a look at a few common antics that most women eventually face with these eager-to-please, misguided men.

1. Overembellishing

In our culture of excesses, women have come to expect the guys they meet to exaggerate their status and accomplishments. It’s natural for a man to showcase his best assets, especially when he’s interested in a certain woman, but lying about the amount of money he makes or the type of position he holds at work will only come back to bite him when the truth eventually comes out. The same goes for consistently bragging about his accomplishments. Once is enough; every repeat after that makes him seem egocentric.

2. Playing the Smooth Casanova Role

Many guys think that if they come across as overconfident and smooth that women will fall at their feet. Taking liberties such as calling her “baby,” or cooing to her in that low, slow voice peppered with winks and constant touches to her arm or hand, is not what most women find alluring. Some men lay it on so thick that their behavior comes across as what it is – disingenuous and smarmy. Confident, sexy men are great, but if he seems so slick that he’s covered in oil, there’s a good chance that she’s not impressed, and is actually thinking “Is this guy for real?”

3. Getting Into Fights

There are many men who feel that their manhood can only be properly displayed by beating up other men. Picking a fight or allowing a fight to escalate to a level where the combatants are throwing punches will not interest most women, and may even turn them off. Women tend to dislike violence and only consider it as a last resort, so she’s hardly likely to deem him a hero because some guy bumped him in a crowd and he went berserk; she’ll probably think less of him for not being able to control himself or rise above the occasion. Most women are more impressed with a man’s ability to think his way out of a situation rather than drawing blood every chance he gets.

4. Learning Two Songs on the Guitar

Like most innate gifts, the musical talent necessary to master a particular instrument is not meted out to everyone. There are certain men who observe how well John Mayer and Dave Matthews are doing with their shtick and decide to give it a go. The likely result:  he’s able to play part of a few songs which he uses in the hopes of impressing her with his rockstar similarities. While women tend to find the effort sweet, it’s best to leave the solo concerts to the professionals, and learn, for example, a few massage skills instead.

5. Overexerting at the Gym

It’s a stereotype, but it exists for a reason. Get a girl in the same room at the gym with a guy, and he’ll display all sorts of isn’t-my-manhood-impressive behaviors. Adding more weight on the bar (then barely being able to lift the thing without rupturing something) is just one way men try to impress the girl stretching in the corner and rolling her eyes. Purposefully flexing their muscles and making loud grunting, even shouting noises to prove how heavy the weights are and how strong he is, are a few examples of the lengths he will go to in order to get a girl’s attention. The sad thing is, most women who are looking at the men doing these crazy stunts are just thinking “What a doof!”

6. Souping Up Their Cars

It’s common knowledge to women that most men feel their masculinity is tied to the type of car they drive, and how they drive it. Many men are suckers for flashy cars with loud engines, which they rev every chance they get if a woman is in the vicinity. Or they go home and add extra amenities to their new vehicles such as larger tires, flashy rims, pin-striping and metal-flake paint jobs. Most women are just not that into cars, so there’s a lot of wasted effort there. As long as he’s driving something nice, she doesn’t care about the extra detailing or the number of horses under the hood.

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One thought on “6 Ridiculous Things Men Do to Impress Women

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  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Cute little article.

    #5 seems to be working for my younger brother though , Peter, who is in his mid 30’s…….he is a martial arts master with his own dojo….where he teaches martial arts. He also competes professionally.

    The women just line up to see Peter workout, with his large mako shark tatoos showing across his bare chest. ( Peter knows it and LOVES the attention ) LOL !
    My middle brother, Sean , in his 40’s, tease Peter all the time about his “groupies “.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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