Your Weekly Career Horoscope for April 15 – 21, 2013

Turn Your Career Dreams Into a Reality

This is the week when Venus enters her home, Taurus and Mars and the Sun follow for rich, sensual experiences that can bring financial benefit after a lot of work and intense interaction. The time of action, action, action continues, but with a lot more satisfaction and beauty surrounding events. You can finally begin to see the fruition of dreams that became demanding projects over the past few months.


Your work week begins with your career on your mind and a new, even-more-powerful approach to your future. Use communication to take advantage of changes at work throughout the week. On April 18 and 19, you’re a dynamo in athletic events and creativity. Use your skills for fiery drama.


This is a dramatic week with many behind-the-scenes activities at the time that your planet, Venus, moves into your sign, with the Sun and Mars in hot pursuit. You have tremendous sensual power now. Just be prepared for the unseen. April 21 is a great time for creative efforts of really rich physical intensity.


This past weekend you began to feel more positive about your career goals, as well you should! Mercury is finally in a friendlier sign and your networking skills can shine. Spend this week building your image and send those career promotions flying at week’s end. People will notice.


You are growing tired of the constant disruptions and changes in your career and partnerships, but relief is coming very quickly. Your intuition is already telling you that the surprises on Tuesday through Wednesday can leave you in a good position for a promotion. Trust those feelings and your career will flourish soon.


Your big days this week are Thursday and Friday. The focus is on you on those days and others will likely be calling your brilliant! Spend the earlier part of the week “watching your back” just a bit. No worries though—you’ll come out of it looking great and stealing the show.


You continue to ride a good wave of positive energy in your career, with networking really serving you on Tuesday and Wednesday. During the end of the week, keep that inspiration flowing and pursue education and travel for future benefits.


Tuesday and Wednesday will require a lot of attention to your career efforts, but you are on the right path. Keep working away at that learning process even if your lover or business partner continues to be needy. On Thursday friends have some brilliant ideas that can really help you boost your visibility and career efforts in general.


You continue to be steady and solid in career pursuits this week, but relationships have also become quite sexy and demanding. It’s all about balancing the two, particularly mid-week. Hold steady and your focus will be back on Thursday and Friday. This is good because you must intensely promote your image. Even if these efforts seem a bit demanding, you’ll enjoy the benefits in the future.


Your creative energies continue to be furiously fruitful this week. April 18 and 19 are particularly strong for any education or travel efforts to support your image and career efforts. You may be quite the star at this time, or you’ll be supporting your partner as the focus of attention.

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Be prepared for partnership demands and drama on Tuesday and Wednesday. The changes that you are making have the future in mind. Just let partners catch up emotionally. Tend to investments during the end of the week. Others are feeling insecure but your usual solid approach will calm them.


If you hit the ground running on Monday you’ll have a very productive head start on the whole week. Even though sometimes you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world while others panic during this week, just keep in mind that you are building a strong career future. In fact, partners can be really helpful by Thursday and Friday.

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Mid-week through the 21st is a great time to pursue education, dreamy and inspiring travel and teaching opportunities. The workplace will be full of drama on Thursday and Friday and your gentle communication style will really help the situation. You always have an intuitive feel for what is needed and wanted from others, so you could be the heroic one this week.

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