What Does It Mean When You Dream of Being Chased?

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The Meaning of Chase Dreams

It’s quite common to feel like the “main character” in dreams, which often play out like fun movies with you in the starring role — up until the time that it turns into a nightmare. If you find yourself being chased in your very own night-time horror movie, only to wake up in a cold sweat, you are not alone.

So what does it mean when you’re being chased in a dream? Unless you live on Elm Street, it’s most likely a sign that you have some emotions that you need to work through. A dream where you’re being chased can have several different meanings. These messages can often be discerned using some key details in the dream, though the feelings that the dream gives you are often the most important factor when trying to figure out what it could be symbolizing.

The Emotions Associated With Dreams of Being Chased

While a chase dream can feel threatening and scary, it can also be frustrating. At their core, chase dreams conjure a sense that something is out of your reach — whether it be a goal or a sense of safety. Ask yourself what you are running from or to, and your feelings about that particular person or thing. Is it an emotion that you are avoiding in your waking life? Or is it something that you’re actively seeking?

Does the Setting of Your Chase Dream Matter?

Most chase dreams happen at night, adding to an ominous sense of mystery and darkness. Whether it is by daylight or moonlight, try to remember your surroundings in your dream. Were you being chased outside? In the wilderness? On a familiar street or through a house you know?

The setting of a dream is always a key part of understanding what its message may be. Being chased through a former school or an unwelcoming family home may add to your anxieties in the dream and stir up buried emotions of shame and self-criticism. Additionally, a place from your past may mean that old issues are coming back to haunt you, but a new location or unique environment could be a sign that you’re worried about what’s to come. Regardless, if the setting makes you uneasy, this could be a sign that you need to let go of the hurt or negativity that you’re carrying with you.

Meaning of Being Chased by an Animal in a Dream

Animals often bring a deep spiritual connection and presence to dreams. However, they can be one of the hardest features to understand, as they have such a large variety of potential meanings. They can represent all sorts of emotions, places, and people, including those that may have passed on. Perhaps you dreamt about being chased by a traditional predator such as a lion or a bear, or an unconventional animal such as a bird or a rabbit. What this means will depend on the symbolism of the specific animal, as well as the traits that you associate with it. If you’re having a recurring chase dream that features an animal, do some research on the creature in question and consider consulting with a professional dream analyst for their perspective on the meaning of your chase dream.

Meaning of Being Chased by Someone You Know in a Dream

When you dream of being chased by someone you know, it can be helpful to think about the current state of your relationship with that person. If the two of you are in conflict, this could be a sign that you feel like you’re on the back foot. It may also be wise to reflect on any strong personality traits that the person in question has. Those qualities could be something that your mind is trying to work through — you might find them repulsive or view them as aspirational.

If you are being chased by someone who has passed on, the chase dream could be a sign of unfinished business and unresolved issues. Note that this is not always a negative thing. Your guides or this person’s spirit may have a special message for you that they are trying to get across.

Having a Happy Chase Dream

While usually negative, chase dreams can sometimes be uplifting rather than frightening. Perhaps you are being chased by a partner or your children through a serene setting like a meadow, or maybe you are playing around with friends. When this is the case, the dream might be highlighting your subconscious desire to revisit a more playful and lighthearted version of yourself.

Preventing Dreams of Being Chased

Much like falling dreams, chase dreams can possibly be minimized by destressing and grounding yourself. If you want to prevent chasing dreams, combat the stress and anxieties you may have in the waking world, especially around bedtime. If you are not ready to confront the possible issues in your relationships, you can still work through your unease using other techniques, such as cord-cutting and journaling. Create a soothing environment that allows you to release negative emotions in the evening. This can be done with the help of aromatherapy and warm lights. It may also be wise to refrain from using electronic devices before bed.

While identifying the true meaning of your dream and addressing the root issue is a great way to make the recurring dream stop, it is also important to remember that the thing (or person) who is chasing you might not have a direct or obvious meaning. The message may be more oblique, and it may not always be possible to discern its purpose by yourself. If you would like help in deciphering what else this dream (or any other dreams you have) means for you, a spiritual advisor may be able to provide more insight.

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