What is Divine Intervention?

Have you ever experienced divine intervention? Some people say they just have a knowing feeling that their experience of, say, coming through what should have been a fatal car crash was a miracle – that the hand of the universe must havepushed them out of harm’s way. Others report seeing a blinding white light, noticing a subtle scent or hearing a song on the radio – all assuring them that a message was being sent from an otherworldly energy as a guiding force.

Then there are those, perfectly sane people, who hear a voice -a loud, clear, loving voice – that calls their name and delivers maybe just a word, or a few, of wisdom or warning.

Divine intervention is a subject that often comes up at cocktail or dinner parties. Once someone has shared their amazing story, it seems that almost everyone else has experienced or heard a similar tale. But what is “divine intervention” all about? How do we know for sure that we have experienced it? How can we be sure of the message? These are questions our California Psychics are expert at unraveling.

The experience of divine intervention is something you never forget or it may or may not strike you as usual when it happens. Divine intervention can come as a sign or as an answer to your question at just the right moment,”Tammy ext. 9380, who is also a Clairvoyant and Medium describes. “It’s as if some invisible hand comes out of the air to put something or someone in your path at just the right moment. At the very least it can seem like it’s some kind of an unusual coincidence,” she adds.

Most of the time, it seems like it’s just a crazy sort of thing that falls from heaven,” suggests a psychic who traces her Clairvoyance back five generations. “Sometimes, I think the universe just decides that it’s time to bring you something and it pretty much gets dumped in your lap.”

“Divine intervention can also draw one person to another whether it is for love or friendship or work. It can happen in all areas of your life and be something as significant as finding your soulmate when you least expect it, or as small as hearing the right song at the right moment,” Tammy remarks.

Tammy tells a personal story of a night of near misses, which confirmed to her that her prayers were being heard. “I had to go out on a rainy, foggy night. The conditions were so bad, that I asked for protection before I left my driveway. On the way to my appointment I hit traffic that had me running several minutes late, which had left me feeling anxious. But as soon as I saw the entrance to my destination, I realized that the traffic had probably saved my life. By minutes, I had missed a horrible accident involving a truck and a number of cars entering the parking lot. Later on my way home, a car cut in front of me missing me by inches. I stopped at a coffee shop to untangle my nerves. When I went back to the car, I noticed a young man sitting in the car next to mine. He was reading a paper and didn’t look up when I opened my door.As I pulled out, my headlights were focused on his license plate which read, “ARCHANGEL.”Some people might say this was just a coincidence, but I know it was proof of divine intervention that night.”

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