DreamCast: Pathways From the Shore

This was a very vivid dream, during a time when not much stands out other than a rather chaotic feeling last week. Is this about paths? But they all sort of looked the same, and then I kind of remembered other dreams where the right-hand portion of the dream was vivid. I felt I was actually there…


In the dream, I am standing and looking down at a view that’s very clear, but even as I look at it, in my dream, I know this is not a normal sight.


I see the seashore below me (like I do when I go to the Palisades Park and look down at the Santa Monica shore). I see a shoreline that has three perpendicular shorelines jutting out from it. The perpendicular shoreline on the right also has another shoreline jutting out from it into the left corner of my view. Within that area to the far right are large crashing waves. Everywhere else in the sea is calm. I look at the bright blue sea, white sand and strange perpendicular shorelines and wonder about the meaning of all of these beaches. The perpendicular beaches are visible all the way across the ocean right into the horizon.


Diana in Los Angeles

Hello Diana,

The vividness of your dream signifies it has a powerful message for you. I agree with your feeling that the shorelines are paths that you’ve taken, or may choose to take in the future. They may also symbolize your talents, which are supported by your emotional and spiritual life, as symbolized by the ocean. The crashing waves are the emotional turbulence you’re experiencing or that’s brewing inside you. Is there something you need to do or express that will calm the chaos? The right side pertains to your outer activities, so the turbulence is likely stemming from your outer life. The right side is also the gifts you have that you can share with others. Perhaps there’s a talent you have that’s bursting to be explored! Think about how you can deepen your self-expression as you progress along your path(s).

Sweet dreams,

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