DreamCast: Waiting for a Sign

Suzanne in Palm Desert, California writes:

I recently started dating a man who is a co-worker. Our company has a rule about not dating co-workers, so we haven’t really said anything to anyone. I had a dream about him wearing a tuxedo. He does not wear this type of attire at work, though he did tell me that he had to wear dress shirts and a tie in a previous job. He said that he has never worn a tux except to his sister’s wedding. I was wondering what it meant. He is an extremely good looking man, but has some depression issues because of his parents’ death within the last three years. I wish he would snap out of it. I am a Christian person and understand death. He is too, to a point, but he said that he wants some kind of sign. I told him that his parents were at peace together, and he doesn’t need a sign. So what about the tuxedo dream? And do you feel any future with this man for me, besides friendship?

Hello Suzanne,

Since a tux is the ultimate in dress attire, your guy might be trying to keep up the appearance of being successful, confident and together. Perhaps he senses your impatience with his grief – fiery Aries that you are! – so he tries to put on a good face when he’s around you. It sounds like he could use some help in dealing with the loss of his parents. People grieve in different ways and for different periods of time. He may or may not get the sign that he’s seeking, but one excellent way to connect with those who have passed on is through dreams. Since you’re interested in dream interpretation, you might consider talking to him about “programming” a dream where he talks to his parents. He would need to keep this intention strongly in mind before he goes to sleep. It may take a while, so doing this as a nightly ritual is important. Saying a little prayer that he be granted a meeting with his parents will also help him manifest a dream about them. Such a dream might be the sign that he’s been waiting for, which will enable him to move on from the past so that your relationship can move forward.

Sweet dreams,


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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Waiting for a Sign

  1. njackson

    Hi Cortney, since we are talking about dreams, i had this terrible dreams where i couuld not speak. I dreamed my mouth was so dried that the more water and ice i drink the drier my mouth got. I dreamed of the same dream for two nights now and when i work i felt so thirsty and afraid. What do suppose this dream mean? Thank you Natacha

  2. pa75

    I wonder if this communication process would work with people who are still alive? I’m waiting for a man who is taking a long time to come around, and have been told by a couple of psychics to communicate with him telepathically, so I try to do so when he’s probably relaxed and ready for sleep in the evening, and in the morning when he probably is waking up. I’ve also tried to have dreams that could give me information, but have only had a couple of dreams when I wasn’t really thinking about it, and it’s been a long time now since I’ve had one about him. I had a dream recently that I was at my kids’ college and a couple of the fellows walking around were totally naked, but hiding themselves from me. I didn’t know if this had anything to do with the man I’m interested in! I wish I’d of known about this particular communication like you spoke of here, Cortney, when my parents and sister passed away, this is good information.


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