DreamCast: The Hidden Meanings of Recurring Dreams

Jane from Princeton, New Jersey writes:

I have been facing a very difficult situation in my life with family and love. There are two dreams which have repeated for the past two-three years, especially when I’m stressed. One dream is about me standing on the beach and looking at a tsunami coming my way. I always run away from it to higher ground, sometimes grabbing my best friend or sometimes grabbing my boyfriend (but who is actually not my boyfriend in real life). I run up on a mountain and see people gathering on the beach who are curious about the withdrawing ocean. I want to warn them, but they don’t pay attention. I survive it every time in the dream.

In the second dream, I see different plane crashes, but all I see is the plane from the outside, as if I’m watching it happen from the sky. I don’t see people in the plane but I know they are inside it. The plane always crashes and then I wake up.

I’m really not sure what my dreams are trying to tell me, but because they are repeating again and again, I know they mean something. I have had such a tough life for the past eight years; it seems ridiculous and unfair for anyone to go through what I am going through. I hope you can shed some light to my situation.

Hello Jane,

One element that strikes me about your dreams is your feeling of helplessness. In the tsunami dream, you try to warn the others but they don’t pay attention. However, because dream characters usually represent the dreamer in some way, I would suggest that it’s you who needs to pay more attention, but to what, I couldn’t say. Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated at not being able to see, and therefore prevent, a difficult situation before it happens.

There is a clue about this in the second dream… Because you’re looking at the situation from the outside, you’re powerless to help the passengers inside the plane. I think if you look inward, instead of focusing on outer events, you’ll be empowered to break the chain of difficulties in your life. This means facing and eliminating feelings of helplessness, anger or other negative emotions that keep you stuck. You’ll also strengthen your personal power by making positive choices when faced with challenging people or situations.

The good news is, during summer 2011 through spring 2012, Uranus in Aries will form a grand trine with your Sun in Leo and Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius. This uplifting, innovative influence should awaken your resourcefulness in letting go of the past and envisioning/creating a better path so you can move forward.

Sweet dreams,


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