DreamCast: Judgment Warns of a New Direction

Martha from Canton, Georgia writes:

I had a very disturbing dream that I’m hoping you can help me with. In the dream, I’m in a courtroom with a table in the middle of the room (I worked for a law firm for twenty-nine years). On the table are brightly colored knickknacks. A small man who looks familiar says not to touch the things on the table. Next, I’m in a church that is very dark. A baby who is about a year old is playing with some things on a table. My deceased sister, who had five children, is standing at the end of the table, just staring. I tell my sister to tell the baby to stop playing with the items or else I’ll lose my job (in reality, I lost my job two years ago). My sister does nothing. The baby starts to cry, so I hold her and ask her if I scared her, and she nods her head yes. I try to comfort her, and tell her I’m sorry. Then I wake up.

Hello Martha,

I think the baby represents a new attitude, trait or talent within you that is trying to come out to play. However, you seem to have a judgment against it, as symbolized by the courtroom, the dark church and the man telling you not to play with the items on the table. These items are the gifts you have to work with. You indicated you’re a Virgo, which implies that you’re a perfectionist who likes to feel productive and in control. The dream is encouraging you to grow beyond the limitations you’ve set for yourself, like having to do things perfectly, perhaps, and allow this new part of you to develop.

As for your sister, think about how you feel about her and her parenting skills. Was she lenient or strict with her kids? Because she didn’t stop the baby from playing, she may represent the part of you that wants to grow and play. It’s time to nurture your abilities, so you can find a new direction – and have some fun, too!

Sweet dreams,


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