DreamCast: Zombie Horror Flick

Maya from San Francisco, California writes:

I had a very intense, emotional nightmare, that begins with my dad, brother and I living in our favorite house in the town I grew up in. My brother and I often dream about that house, and our dad, who passed away last year, is always in those dreams. Because of a chemical outbreak (or an outbreak of some kind), people start turning into zombies. Dad knows exactly what to do, so we all jump into his gray Jeep and, with zombies chasing us, he drives us to safety. HazMat (the government) comes and tries to contain the outbreak.

Next, we leave town and start driving down the coast. We have to fight off zombies to get supplies. It’s terrifying, and feels so real! We find an abandoned shuttle on the side of the road, and use it to travel in. Then we find a motel, and all of us stay there. My grandparents, boyfriend, aunt, and uncle are all there, too.

The dream was very intense, heavily symbolic, and I cried for a little bit as I woke up. What are your thoughts? I tend to have a lot of scary zombie dreams, so I was hoping you could offer me some insight, especially with this dream in particular. Thanks!

Hello Maya,

Zombies can be a compelling symbol of one’s unconscious thoughts and actions. It’s the part of you that is on autopilot, driven by an unconscious need, fear, or some other intense emotion. Whatever the unconscious element is that’s chasing you, it’s certainly doing its best to get your attention! The issue is probably connected to your family in some way. Perhaps you’re feeling vulnerable because a source of strength in your life – your dad – is no longer with you (physically, at least). Maybe it’s a family pattern that no longer serves you. For instance, the issue may be the way your family reacts to certain situations, like feeling powerless over outside influences. Maybe it’s about how they express or repress certain feelings, such as love, fear, or anger. The issue may prompt you to act in a way that feels unnatural or artificial (chemical outbreak). HazMat’s failure to contain the threat may indicate that you feel let down by people in power. You have the power to resolve the problem.

To banish the zombies from your dreams, I would suggest “talking” to them during a meditation. Ask them why they’re in your dreams, and then pay attention to whatever thoughts come forth. Believe it or not, these scary creatures have a positive message for you that will help you move forward.

Sweet dreams,


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One thought on “DreamCast: Zombie Horror Flick

  1. dazyblue

    I started having zombie dreams last year. In them I had to keep saving my children from them and escaping. I took it as me trying to protect them from all the things I have had to go through and my past issues that haunt me in our waking life and my fear of them having to go through the same things.


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