DreamCast: Your Higher Self is Calling

Separation is an Illusion

Theresa in Birmingham, Alabama writes:

Hi, Cortney. I woke up last night with vivid memories of being in a place where I was performing a task, sort of completing a riddle. There was a long table in front of me and on the table were ancient looking shallow pedestal-bowls (almost like shorter versions of a birdbath). These bowls were filled with water and represented people on earth. I walked around the table contemplating this to myself and dipping my fingers into the bowls. I was supposed to choose a bowl, the “right” bowl, and “read” from it. Instead, I paused and raised my hands in the air, and all of the bowls lifted up and tipped into one another, cascading into one bowl, which I then read. My reasoning was that the separation between people on earth is an illusion, because we all come from the same source and we are all going back to the same source. In the dream, I was explaining this to my ex, showing him how water from one bowl is equal to water from a different bowl, and giving this as an explanation why it doesn’t serve us to quarrel with one another.

While I felt very at peace with this explanation, when I woke up, it was a very strange concept to me. It was like going to sleep knowing how to do high school algebra and waking up being able to do college calculus. I seem to have interpreted the dream within my dream. Does this make sense to you? I’m confused as to what is going on.

Hello Theresa,

It makes perfect sense! Your dream is a beautiful example of a message from the Higher Self. This kind of dream usually has a sacred quality that leaves us with a profound feeling of awe. Such dreams often contain spiritual symbols such as clear water, the color white, a ship, mountain, stunning vista, brilliant light or religious symbol such as a cross, menorah or altar – or any symbol that has spiritual significance for the dreamer. Sometimes the dreamer will be aware or semi-aware that they are dreaming, which is what happened with you when you interpreted the dream within the dream.

Most interesting is that the “oneness” message is so perfect for you. That’s because you have Sun and Moon in Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian. Aquarius is the water-bearer from which the waters of pure knowledge flow to humanity. Part of your destiny is to bring enlightenment to the world. Also, you have Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) conjunct your South Node (the past), which suggests that, although you think it’s a strange concept, this oneness philosophy is not new to you; it’s actually a memory from a previous life.

“Dreams are visions and aspirations, reality is applying those dreams.” – Psychic Leo 5265

If you like, you can honor your dream by “manifesting” it in your outer world. You can do this, for example, by making a drawing of the symbols or setting up an altar that contains a bowl of water (and other spiritual elements that are meaningful to you).

Most of all, never forget the dream’s message that separation is an illusion; we all are indeed “one.”

Sweet dreams,

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“For each and every dream we have in our heart, we have to be 100 percent honest with ourselves that we are ready to accept it into our life.” – Psychic Claire ext. 5242

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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Your Higher Self is Calling

  1. jaya datta

    i have lost my notebook.i want to know where is my notebook.i want to know the magic miracle mantra.please tell me.

  2. Joe Brooke

    I live in Mesa, Arizona. I humbly ask for help and assistance in recovering and finding my cloth bag, with green shoulder straps, which I had been trying to search for since March 24th, 2015.
    I must state that I have been frequently been calling on and asking, God, Jesus, the Christ presence, Archangel Michael, guardian angels, Ascended Masters, etc. for help–to please now recover it.
    Please ask God, Ascended Masters, etc. of what is the latest update or the status of my cloth bag being recovered to me or why have God and the ascended masters not yet have recovered it to me? Please ask them and then tell me what their answer is.
    Thank you.


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