Are You Going Through a Transition?

What to Know When You’re Waiting for Your Train

We all go through times in life when we feel stagnated or directionless. I get hit with this at least three times a year, and sometimes it lasts much longer than my comfort zone allows. I also know what it’s like to feel as though nothing seems to change, especially when I felt like change was my only hope for happiness.

When we want something, we want it now. The “waiting game” can sometimes be the catalyst in weakening our spirits. Having faith in the possibility that change is “right around the corner” seems like a daunting task, and some may even believe that dealing with the universe is simply a waste of time.

Throughout my spiritual journey I’ve learned that in order to get from point A (disbelief) to point B (achieving your goal) you must understand how the universe works. A transitional phase is the time when the universe (or spirit) is working behind “the black curtain.” These phases can last anywhere between three and six months, depending on the person going through it.

Some information may not be accessed psychically, either by yourself or your trusted advisor, during this time. The black curtain shields us from making any life-altering decisions that could possibly affect our spiritual blueprint (the path created before we were born) or the current life path, in a negative manner.

There are different phases we go through each year. Here are the most common:

• Spiritual growth

• Career/financial changes

• Love and relationship changes

• Physical/residential moves

• Becoming a parent (adoption counts)

Here are symptoms one may experience at the beginning of a transitional phase. This is what I call “the mental prep mode.” We are laying the ground work energetically, emotionally and mentally for a life change.

• Confusion about which choice to make or direction to take in life, in general

• Feeling unusually down, overly tired or sluggish with your daily routine

• Not having good time management skills, when you’re normally on top of things

• Randomly freaking out over a situation you though was no longer an issue

• Strange moodiness

• Knowing that something is missing, but you can’t put your finger on it

• Having feelings of lethargy or boredom that comes out of nowhere

• Constantly dwelling about a specific topic in a negative manner

• Second-guessing yourself when you usually possess a high level of confidence

There are other ways to know you’re transitioning as well. The following are symptoms of what I call “the physical prep mode.” This is the time when we’re physically preparing for the next phase in life:

• You become obsessive about discarding things or people that doesn’t match your vibe

• Your intuition suddenly becomes stronger and the messages more clear

• The “little” psychic predictions start coming to fruition on time

• You begin to add new or more exciting things to your daily routine

• Having faith in the unknown becomes easier

• Self-confidence increases and you believe in yourself more

• There’s a strong desire to break unhealthy habits

• You start going to places or accept invites to events you would normally avoid

• The motivation to create positive change returns

The True, Spiritual Purpose of the Transitional Phase

Aside from the proverbial “black curtain” I referenced earlier on, our spirits are meant to evolve over time. This is not measured by clocks or calendars in the spirit world, which can be confusing to us human beings since we utilize those methods daily. Our minds aren’t connected psychically to our spirits 24/7 so we have no other choice, but to rely on the universe to deliver our desires in a timely fashion.

Sometimes this process doesn’t jive with our ego. This is the part of the psyche that dictates our emotions and reactions to the situations we encounter daily. So when the universe begins the process of moving us from one place in life to another, there tends to be an emotional reaction and the mental prep mode begins. It’s best to let go of your expectations of timing, whether dealing with predictions or change so that the universe has room to deliver.
Our spiritual evolution consists of two things; lessons and growth. Yes, happiness is involved in there, but the down time is when we’re tested the most. If you’re one who has been struggling with some of the symptoms of a transitional phase, just know that there is an ending and you’ll be ready for your new beginning.

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6 thoughts on “Are You Going Through a Transition?

  1. marialaloca77chunks of love

    Its explains a lot and make sence. I’m glad this advise is accurate to some of the same mischief repepeats itself!

  2. Elaine

    Thanks for all the great information! I’ve been going thru a dark night of the soul period for awhile now and all you said fits me to a T! I just have to keep focused on the fact that this period is preparing me for what for lies ahead. Sometimes it gets so very dark and my spirit gets weak. Thanks for the understanding provided in your words!

  3. Priscilla

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I really appreciate them. Cindy…don’t feel bad. A lot of people get fixated on either their worries or what they don’t have. We’re all a work in progress! 😉


  4. Cindy

    Thank you so much for your insight. I’m going through a transition right now and it’s been challenging for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know I get so fixated on the present and worry about stability because I’m in this limbo of a transition. Your words will help me get through this period. Thank you for blogging about this!

  5. marc from the uk

    I liked this, it explains a lot…………… I am by nature demanding of self, and impatient at times, maybe that is my lesson to enjoy and absorb the moment for it is passing to the next moment.


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