Real Romance for Real Men

Men can create romance in their relationship by doing things for her that are fitting to his personality. If making an effort to be romantic every day isn’t who you are, then make an effort to be the romantic man at least occasionally and keep that consistent. Read-on to see a few tips on romance simplicity.

The Man’s Manual to Practical Romance

All the blubbery, romance stuff on film and television is unrealistic and impossible to maintain. If you’d douse your partner in rose petals, champagne, and chocolate for 40 days and 39 nights, on the 40th evening, if you substituted a celery stick for the chocolate, she’d wonder what you were trying to say. The idea of romance and passion is to be able to maintain it over the long haul.

“The best way to keep the romance in a relationship is to make time for one another.” – Psychic Lacy ext. 5494

If you strive to be the ultimate Casanova, and falter along the way, a girl will wonder what your game is. If a woman gave you a back rub every night and suddenly stopped, you’d probably be a little put out. In other words, it is better to be true to yourself, rather than risk putting too many expectations, then what you’re able to maintain.

How Romantic Are You?

Before we get to the tips, I’d like to get a base reading of exactly who we are dealing with. For each of the following ten phrases, rate yourself from 1 to 10, as to how well you fit with it. For example, a score of one means that you would be more likely to barbecue a piece of meat, than execute the action. Ten indicates that you currently own the entire Pride and Prejudice film set, and have a poster of Mr. Darcy hanging on your garage wall. If you don’t know the definition to any one of these romantic words, score yourself with a 0.

1. “I’d rather be loving.”
2. “I’m creative.”
3. “I like to be affectionate.”
4. “I have a tender heart.”
5. “I’m usually very understanding.”
6. “I’m sometimes vulnerable.”
7. “Amorous is my middle name.”
8. “I’m apathetic to other’s feelings.”
9. “I’m compassionate to my partner’s feelings.”
10. “Passion is like the meat to my potatoes.”

Add up your score, and divide the total by 10. This is the romantic value you offer to women, according to Hollywood and Oprah. If you scored anything below a seven, please continue below to our quick tutorial session on practical romance.


You don’t have to buy her an evening in Paris to give your relationship a goose. Predictability is romance’s greatest foe. One of the most effective uses of surprise, that can be done with no prior preparation, is to grab your girl in the middle of a mundane moment, and plant a kiss on her.

The Spontaneous Note/Voice Mail

Romance works best when it is allowed to linger. One way to maintain yourself within your partner’s mind is to plant little reminders, so that she senses your thoughtfulness even when you’re away.

Don’t Fear Failure, As All Good Deeds Eventually Get Rewarded

Every good deed gets noticed by women, and this includes all chores. You don’t have to tell her why you’re being helpful, as it is better to leave your intentions unsaid. It will mean more that way. Studies show that your ideas don’t have to turn out perfect, either, to be deserving of bonus points. In fact, having a plan go awry, while having good intentions, makes you human, and therefore, more adorable.

An Ounce of Preparedness Could Get You Out of the Doghouse One Day

Keep a collection of thoughtful cards and small gifts. Whenever she feels down (or you let her down), have one waiting for her as a token of your empathy and understanding.

You Hate Date Night, Right?

Date night has been created to force men into following through with the ritual of taking a woman out every once in a while. You can bypass this mandatory sentence, by taking it upon yourself to treat your woman to some time and attention. This can be as simple as sitting down and saying, “What’s new with you,” or as extravagant as planning a romantic weekend.

“Romance can be music, a lovely dinner, or walking along the beach. Find out what your romantic desire is and make it happen.” – Psychic TeriLynn ext. 9625

Women Don’t Want Mr. Mom. They Want An A**hole With a Heart.

Every romance novel begins with a pompous jerk who is adventurous, daring, confident, and sometimes cruel. From her influence, he learns to love. He then maintains his basic bad behavior, which is mostly overlooked, because he has proven himself via the above romantic gestures.

This is no Cinderella story, or ploy to contribute to a woman’s illusions of grandeur. These are real romance ideas for real men. Give one a try, and see where it takes you.

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14 thoughts on “Real Romance for Real Men

  1. Diane Crane

    Oh, Jason, your wife needs to understand that sometimes there has to be “grownup time ” for adults ONLY. You both need time away from the kids – why is this so hard to understand? You have your special ways of communicating with each other that need to be refreshed every once and a while, doesn’t everyone? Isn’t it a little unrealistic and I would even venture to say immature of her to always expect to have the kiddies in tow??? What were the qualities that drew the two of you together in the first place?

  2. Eva

    Lori: Why in the world would you stay 28 years with someone who does nothing nice for you? I hope you are alone now, so that you can work on what is wrong with YOU (not him). SORRY!

  3. Lori

    My husband has cheated and abused me all of my married life going on 28 years! I would of love for him to have once done something nice for me never!

  4. Sophia

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for about two weeks now and I was on vacation all week and didnt check my phone at all. He left me a message saying how much he missed me and couldn’t wait to see me at school on Monday….I have a feeling he doesn’t like me anymore, what do I do?! How do I find out if he still does without being too straight forward with him?!

  5. Jason

    My wife doesn’t seem to want a date night just with me and her. She always wants to bring the kids with us, when she is home with them all day. I am not sure if I am missing something? because I have tried to build on the relationship in this area but it doesn’t seeem to happen.

  6. Bill Passaro

    What happened to Tara? I was getting readings that she said would need her to guide me and give me more advice.
    As soon as I paid the $70.00, I haven’t heard boo from her. Feel put off, taken advantage of,and unless Tara keeps her word and guides me through the next 3 months, I want a refund for getting my hopes and dreams up then walking out on me.

  7. gsdmom

    Oh Eric! “Woman don’t want Mr Mom. They want an A-Hole with a Heart.” You still have me laughing there.

    I absolutely DON’T want one of those. A good man with a heart who can actually show it consistantly in everyday ways as stated in this article, is so much better. Who wants someone who behaves badly? Not me.

    Good article Eric.

  8. Lin

    I do have an a$$::::: with a romantic heart for a bf and get real-noone likes a true diedhard selfish bastard,even though he might have romantic sides and tries to keep your best interest at heart. uasually my best interest for him is never anywhere remotely close to what I want for myself 😛

    Sometimes I wish he was just an a$$ :::: as it would be so much easier to leave. But he is wonderful with my daughter,my dogs,my family and friends-in that order-however not so wonderful with me.

    His replies to why we are a couple is that he has invested time and energy and emotions in me and this is very stable and sooths his needs even though he admits he isnt happy,he loves me.
    And when I tell him how I feel his reply is always that HE always does his outmost and his best,and I……..well I dont.
    We dont agree there obvioulsy as I have gone above and beyond for him in difficult times ( him loosing job after job and feeling like a failure,borriwing money etc) Ive supported him in every way possible,but my intention was never a fullblown live in rship with him.
    We started as friends and dated and had fun;) And thats what I wanted.
    Then due to roadwork around his house he wasnt allowed to live there and had to move in with me teporarily while the repairs ( damages to his house due to roadwork) where fixed. Well guys…….thats 3 going on 4 years now… Im an unwilling live in gf.
    Ive always taken care of others. siblings.ill mother,my daughter,bfs and finally this was my time! At 42 I was going to be living the single lady dream with country chick interior and all the fluff and girlie stuff-just to have TRIED!
    But nope,my man is 6.6 and weighs his weight……so to speak and the fluffy girly stuff just doesnt work,so all our furniture look like big solid stuff for a mans club. I feel I dont even live here.

    He loves me,I dont love him and thats the issue,not the furniture and the other hola.

    I wish he just was an a$$ all the time so it would be easier. And then Im off of men 😉

    -Angels whatc your path


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