DreamCast: Pay Attention to Warnings in Dreams

Carmen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania writes:

Recently, I had the most bizarre dream, and I can’t get it out of my head. In the dream, I was sitting in someone’s house with a male friend of mine. The house belonged to his friend, someone I had never seen. I sat facing the door, and to my left, sitting between me and my friend, was another man. The man quietly conversed with my friend when he suddenly grabbed my arm and started to grope me—almost managing to rape me. He said that my friend sold me to him. I got away and ran naked out of the house, trying to cover myself as much as I could.

I arrived at an intersection where there were some festivities happening. On one corner, men and women were dressed in white, chanting and dancing like in a Santeria/spiritual ritual. On another corner, a blind man was telling people about their future. As I stood there, not understanding what was going on, I heard the “Santerios” call out my full name. I turned to look at them, and then the blind man called out my name, too. But there was a woman on the third corner of the intersection that called my name so softly it came across like a whisper. I walked over to her. She was a beautiful black lady dressed in white with a red handkerchief on her head. She grabbed both my hands and started to cry and said, “My poor baby, always a mistress and never a wife.” She looked at the palm of my hand and added, “The spirit of Jezebel will always be attached to you,” and she began to cry even harder. She laid one hand on my forehead and began to pray and chant in a foreign language. I felt something consume me, and then I woke up.

I have never been a mistress, and I’ve never been married. This dream is bugging me. Any Ideas of what the dream may mean?

Dear Carmen,

It feels like you’re trying to find the truth in situations that have elements of negativity or secrecy (the agreement between your friend and the wicked man, the fortunetelling and the baffling Jezebel comparison). Does this secrecy relate to anything going on in your life currently? If not, then the dream may be advising you to look deeply into people’s characters and backgrounds so that you can know their motives, especially toward you.

“Our dreams create our reality.” – Psychic Kelli ext. 5130

This is especially important now in your choice of a partner. That’s because transiting Neptune is about to oppose (for the second time) your Sun-Mars conjunction in early Virgo (starting in February 2012). Neptune is the illusionist that hides the facts—unless you’re vigilant about seeking the truth, both inside yourself and others. So sometime during the next four years, you may attract a “Neptunian” kind of person. That is, someone who is secretly involved with someone else, confused about their sexual orientation or in denial about an addiction. Of course, it’s up to you whether you get involved with this person, but be aware that you can’t heal or fix the situation.

“When you tune into your feelings and intution this is generally your higher self and your guides giving you direction.” – Psychic Giselle ext. 5220

On the upside, Neptune can inspire you to help others in a healthy way. It can also deepen your spirituality, especially through meditation. You’ll make better choices during this Neptune transit if you ignore negative people who want to influence you, and heed your own inner voice.

Sweet dreams,


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5 thoughts on “DreamCast: Pay Attention to Warnings in Dreams

  1. Verna

    I had a dream about a year ago I have been trying to figure out and have not. I need help please… I saw 4 or 5 people standing on a side walk. It looked like they were just playing around being silly. The view I had was as if I was standing across the stree watching. I could see the road, the curb, the sidewalk the people were standing on. there was a fire hidrent in the center and a tall brick building behind them. the 5 people were were adults and children. This picture slid over to the right leaving total blackness except for this perfectly round ball in the upper left hand corner. The ball was beautiful. It was colored with swerls of green and blue with 3 swishes of bright white. there was a bright white thin line all the way around the out side of the ball. The ball began to come closer and colser to me until it hit me in the left temple so hard it made me jump and woke me up. The weard part is that I felt the sinsation of the inpact all the next day and part of the next. The whole thing was so clear, so vivid and so real. I remember my first thought after the ball hit me was, “ok, you got my attention, now what do you want?” But nothing came to me. I cannot shake this dream. It is still with me as real as it was that night. Can anyone help me with this? I feel it is importent that I figure this out.

    Thank you

  2. Diane Crane

    In one of my dreams , I was transported to England. I found myself in a very pleasant setting next to the side of very large stone hall, looking like the outside of one of the buildings of Cambridge or Oxford. It was a beautiful sunny day and the surroundings were very lush, it looked like springtime. There were lots of people seated at a very long table, talking and having a good time. I was hungry, and I noticed a large wooden bowl of light green (Granny Smith?) apples. I reached for one, and as I brought the fruit to my lips, I noticed there was a map of the world printed on it!!!!!! that was the end of the dream. Any thoughts?

  3. Carmen

    Thank You Cortney, arise and Lori. i think Cortney hit alot spot on. I do have a “friend” that i only sense betrayal from her. Too nosey about everyones business. She comes across friendly and sweet but theres something there that i can not put my finger on that i dont trust. I have a lot to think about. Thanks again.

  4. arise

    Carmen, just a couple practical suggestions: consider finding a counselor who is skilled at past-life regression. You might also ask relatives if there are any situations like this in your ancestry. In the meantime you can pray to be released or cleared of any negative effects from past lives (your own or others’). Blessings to you.

  5. Lori

    Just read Carmens dream, Cortney is so spot on, I’ve had a High Priestess twice in my dreams, it’s like dejavu reading your dream, Carmen take what Corteny says seriously, espeically about Neptune, I’m starting to find out things about my so called friends their true colours are coming to the fore front. The only thing that I know when I have warning dreams my mantra is eyes and ears open, as they say the truth shall set you free.

    Take care


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