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“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”
– George Eliot

How do we get the best out of people? Inspire them to be all they can be? Some people seem to think criticizing and shaming inspires the best behavior, perhaps hoping the target will respond with an “I’ll show you I can do it!” reaction. But, in alignment with George Eliot’s sentiment in the quote above, when we choose to raise someone up we make life less difficult for everyone.

So why bother trying to get the best out of your partner? Because you and your partner are a team! When one of you improves and grows, the other is affected and inspired. Also, your partner is your best friend and loved one. We want the best for people we love. So with that in mind, here are ten tips to inspire you to get the best out of your man—or woman!

1. Listen without immediately criticizing or negating what your partner is saying. Even if you disagree. Let them know that they are being heard.

2. Keep a look out for opportunities or possibilities that are a great fit for your partner. Encourage your partner to strive.

3. Do little things every day to remind them that they are loved and cherished.

4. Acknowledge the good things you see your partner doing. It’s easy to call out the failures, e.g. “You left the clothes on the floor again!” Instead, thank your partner for the everyday things they do that make both of your lives easier. Everyone needs a little appreciation now and then, and we need to know that our efforts are noticed and appreciated.

5. Commend your partner even when they do “fail.” Are they pursuing a new creative venture but it isn’t taking off yet? Did they try to fix something but made more of a mess? Thank them for their effort. Let them know it takes courage to try something new and you admire them for that.

6. Try to keep things fun and positive, and look on the brighter side.

7. Lower your own stress levels. When you take care of how you’re feeling, you lower unfounded reactivity and irritability towards your partner, thus creating a healthier relationship. Plus, you can motivate them to do the same for their stress levels!

8. You can sometimes talk to a trusted and discreet friend, or professional, for advice and insight on ways to benefit your relationship. A psychic love and relationship advisor can point out areas you might be overlooking in your relationship, and lead to a shift in the way you relate to your partner.

9. Be aware of your partner’s skills and aspirations. If you notice they haven’t pursed a beloved activity in a long time, encourage them to take the time to reconnect to what makes them happy.

10. Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Focus on how you can change yourself for the better, and watch the ripple effect!

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3 thoughts on “Get the Best Out of Your Mate!

  1. Mark Taylor UK

    Great write up, I have been at both ends of this spectrum, I have been the critic and the charmer! So it is reassuring to understand that I have been a failier in some areas and a success in others, I thrive on praise, so I must maintain in giving in order to receive!


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