4 Reasons You’re Not Where You Thought You’d Be By Now

Get Out of Your Own Way

Taking stock of your current situation, perhaps you expected to be somewhat farther along in your life endeavors by this time. Presuming that you haven’t set extremely unrealistic goals for yourself, let’s examine a few critical reasons why the choices you’ve made, or have not made, are responsible for where you are now.

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Fear is the number one inhibitor in life. While a healthy dose of fear in a dangerous situation is a benefit, all too often people allow the fear of the unknown, the risk, or the challenge to block them from moving forward. Take some time to reflect on crucial decisions you’ve made over the years to figure out and determine whether you made them out of fear or courage. No one gets anywhere in life without taking risks, and if you’ve played things too safe, work on trusting yourself more to come out on top of whatever challenges arise in your life or career.

The Race is Only With Yourself

Comparisons are almost never fair, so don’t waste your time agonizing over them. Each person is unique, with individual talents and personalities; no two people can live out the same life, so why berate yourself for these seeming failures? You should be comparing yourself to you, though. Are you a stronger person than you were, with more developed life and career skills? As long as you are moving forward and upward, you are improving your life.

Get on Your Own Side

Self-judgment is the worst form of destructive thought. Hindering your happiness and daily performance through self-criticism will definitely put a crimp in your life goals. Getting out of your own way and allowing yourself to make mistakes to learn from and move on is the biggest asset you can give yourself. Become your biggest cheerleader—as positive affirmations will allow you to succeed far more than negative self-talk.

“Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are our harshest critic and are so accustomed to failing that we create situations in our lives that fulfill that negative trap.” – Psychic Jesse ext. 9027

Goal Setting vs. Priority Setting

It’s easy to make a list of goals that sit on paper looking significant. But what plan of action have you taken to accomplish each of them? What choices have you made every day to achieve those goals? If they are truly a priority, treat them as such. People get comfortable with their lives (no matter how unsatisfactory they may be) and can fall into a rut, where original goals may eventually be perceived as idealistic dreams. Everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their goals in life, but this requires constant review and enormous effort on your part. As the saying goes, life is not for the faint of heart, so get out there and conquer the world!

“Recognize and share your gifts. It not only brings confidence and success to you, but empowers others as well.” – Psychic Faith ext. 9608

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6 thoughts on “4 Reasons You’re Not Where You Thought You’d Be By Now

  1. Juan

    Amazing!!!. THIS it’s has been To Me ; just like Trans Midiumship , Reading on my present existence to the best of my knowledge.;All this steps ; plans and prioryties that I had taken and accomplished ;a few steps of the Big picture I am standing stll ,tossing thouhts. to Others, for Spiritual growth ,awarness and understanding. for the best to others satisfying my self in Reality ; self confidence and healing others, as well..Blessed By The Suprime Being.’ amen. Thank You !!! Light in love and sond.

  2. Lisa

    THANK YOU, again!!!
    What a wonderful piece to read first thing after waking up ~ and in a very negative mood!
    This site is becoming my “Go-To” site, when opening my emails!
    Always find a gem in here…
    You’ve helped me countless times…
    Very well written and the subject matter(s)-almost always SO, “hit the nail on the head”!!!
    The site’s name, sorry, but it’s true ~ for me anyway, is a bit misleading! For the longest time, I steered clear! I ASSUMED, bad thing to do, that ALL your site was involved with the “Psychic Realm”. Like a 1 trick pony! I guess NOT!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK! Thank you again!

  3. -quinn ext. 5484

    great blog.
    my father used to say to me “you are exactly where you want to be, or you wouldn’t be there”
    ah! the power of free will or should i say will power…

    there came a point when i realized that as long as i am doing the best i can – making good causes, i will have good effects…
    and then i am sure past karma gets in the way of my progress. but it’s okay, life is good and at any given moment i can change any situation with a good plan and a strong conviction to moving forward.
    -quinn ext.5484

  4. Helene B


    Thank you so much for this wonderful message, I feel as if you are speaking to me in particular and will take one and each of your advice. It is really enlightenning.

  5. I.Nan Donleavy

    Will I move to new area and will family refund any monies I have given them? Will new area bring me contentment and satisfaction.


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