DreamCast: Let Go and Find True Love

Gerrie from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada writes:

I had a very real dream last night about a lover who broke things off between us and wouldn’t tell me why. I was very devastated for the entire summer. Now I feel like I’m over him, but last night I dreamed we were hugging and kissing again, just like the breakup never happened. I felt his muscles and strong arms around me. I could even smell his hair!

I could fall back into the relationship with him very easily, but I know he’s not the one for me. We were close (as friends/lovers) and had fun, but that was all. Neither of us wanted to get serious, but I miss what we had. Is that what this dream was all about? Getting back together with him?

Hello Gerrie,

Judging from the vivid sensuality, the dream may be warning you about something you already know: that it would be easy to reconnect with your guy, even though he isn’t good for you in the long run. The dream may also be a reality check about casual relationships. They can be addictive, which makes it hard to move on to someone new when the relationship ends. The big question is, are you ready for something deeper? Is just having a good time enough for you anymore?

You indicated you’re a Cancer, a sign that usually craves a strong emotional connection with a lover, whether it’s a committed relationship or a casual one. What’s more, I’ve never known a Cancer who had an easy time letting go of someone once their emotions were engaged. As such, you might want to rethink getting involved with someone who doesn’t want to explore the depth and breadth of love. Perhaps it’s time to find your true love and not settle for anything less!

Sweet dreams,


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5 thoughts on “DreamCast: Let Go and Find True Love

  1. Larry

    Hello, I been in a relationship with this women for ten years and she wanted me to marry her but I kept sayin no, but eventaly I did and we been married fro 13yrs and in that time I done and gave her everything she ask for she did not want for anything, but I could not get what I need from her I just wanted her to dress sexy for me sometime at night and give me some romantic evening and make love to me, but she would never do it so I could not take it anymore so tell me was I just settling or what I left 3times and came back but the last time I said it is enough so tell me was I settling because I don’t want to fight no more for it because I feel I am drained physically and mentally.

  2. Deborah

    I am a Scorpio female, and in love with Aquarian male. When we started dating over a year/1/2 ago, we seem to have the perfect match for true love. Now things have gotten out of control. Trust on my part is hard n this situation. He seems to take our relationship for granted, and he appears to be able to let GO if that is the case for us. I am in love with this guy, and it is very hard for me to let GO! I seek advice o where do I go from here? He is a wonderful guy, but tends to want to hold on to old friends that he says are just friends. YES! I am jealous, even when I try NOT to be. I need to clear my head of my life right now, DON’T know how!!!

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  4. Sally McLean

    This Sunday night, I had the MOST CRAZY dream!!! I was in the stands at a FOOTBALL game, but the PLAYERS were in the stands and many of the FANS were on the FIELD!!! Never dreamed about football before/ don’t like the sport too well/ could not afford a ticket to a BIG GAME!!!!! This dream must have another SIGNIFICANCE!!! WONDERING!!!!!

  5. ksemneith

    Hi Gerrie:

    I tend to think that the two of you met in the thought dimension. It is likely that he came to visit you there, perhaps after you sent a call to him. I also think you should trust your own instincts on this, and pay attention to the questions you ask, because they usually contains the answer. Lastly, I think it wise to protect yourself from someone who could behave in such an uncaring and selfish way. It is not likely that you would ever get what you are in need of from such a character.

    Said with love,

    Karames, a fellow Cancerian.


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