DreamCast: Increase the Power Within You

Omal in Cochin, India writes:

I am 32 years old, single and very troubled—emotionally, physically and financially—with no one to console me. Recently, I dreamed I was riding on a very small raft in the middle of the sea, alone and without a destination. Suddenly, bubbles and whirls began to disturb the water before me. I was not frightened, but watched with curiosity. Then the water transformed into a solution of gold, and with a great sound came a huge drum, which resembled a Buddhist prayer wheel made of pure gold. It came up slowly and floated over the water. I wondered, how can I take this to shore?

Hello Omal,

Such a beautiful dream! It’s a reminder, I believe, that you have within you the spiritual power to heal your life. The dream obviously reflects your feeling of isolation. You’re wandering aimlessly through the water (your emotional life), without any goals or a sense of direction. You indicated you’re a Cancer, an emotional water sign. One of your challenges is getting free of emotional issues from the past so you can grow. As such, the small raft likely symbolizes the limited view you have of what your life could be.

“Our dreams create our reality.” Kelli ext. 5130

Still, the bubbles indicate that something within you is struggling to surface, and because the water turns into gold and brings forth a prayer wheel, I think it’s your spiritual life that’s trying to get your attention. The dream saying that you need to connect with your spirituality and bring it into your daily life (bring it to shore). Then you’ll start to heal emotionally and find the inner peace you crave.

“Sleep awakens the intuitive nature within each of us.” Reba ext. 5508

Sweet dreams,


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6 thoughts on “DreamCast: Increase the Power Within You

  1. wanda

    i all so had a dream the old flame still burning we broke up i like to have him back again but he move his ex girlfriend back in 4weeks after i left it last about 1year they never got along verygood he very selfish he told me not to bother him because he don,t bother me wanda from virgina

  2. Alisson

    I had a dream where this guy was throwing money out the window I told the guy why are you throwing the money he said I don’t want it you can have it I said okay I pick it up and it was pure hundred dollar bills then I saw a man that talked to me and I look at his face and he had three eyes then I saw some numbers I would like to know what my dream means thanks

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Cortney,

    I really enjoyed reading this dream analysis…… but I always enjoy reading your column on dreams.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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