DreamCast: Heal Your Broken Heart

Kathy from Royal Oak, Michigan writes:

I had a dream about the man I am interested in. I was standing at an intersection waiting for the light to change so I could cross. I believe I was walking with a girlfriend. We were walking to a hospital to visit an older lady we both know in her hospital room. Mike, the man I am interested in, knows her as well and was also in that hospital room. I felt myself getting nervous knowing I would see Mike as he did not know I was coming.

Hello Kathy,

A hospital is a symbol of healing. I suspect there is something inside you that needs healing, something that has hindered your relationships in the past. It’s possible that your guy has a similar problem because you’re visiting the same friend. This older woman may represent the wise part of you that is gaining strength. Or she could symbolize the longevity that has been lacking in your previous relationships. In any case, waiting for the green light suggests you’re about to start the process of healing an emotional wound that keeps you stuck. Mike seems to be part of that process.

As for your nervousness, perhaps you’re concerned about revealing/working through whatever the issue is. We connect with people who mirror what’s inside us. I think the dream is illuminating the mirror you have in Mike—and vice versa. If you don’t yet know what is being reflected, I’m sure you’ll discover what it is as you get to know him.

Sweet dreams,


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10 thoughts on “DreamCast: Heal Your Broken Heart

  1. TeraZul

    Its been 33 days since my life partner of 3 yrs walked out on me and our adopted daughter with no explanation. I keep having dreams that she with someone else and I wake up with my heart pounding out of my chest. When I ask her if she is with someone else she says no but that’s it. Why do I keep having these dreams.How can I tell if she’s lying to me?

  2. Teresa

    I have been married for 4 1/2 years now but I have had these dreams of another man that I met on a christian dating site.I have been emailing him since September 6th and that we bought a house in the states then got married to him.Does this dream mean that I will finally get a divorce and get married to my email friend?

  3. Gaby

    I dreamed that I was staying in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment that looked partly like a home and partly like a hotel. A cleaning lady that I had known for years was getting ready to leave but she had come with a bunch of other women, who just would not leave. I was eager to be alone with my boyfriend but he kept busy doing other things. I went into the other room where he was busy with something and commented that fortunately, the apartment had two bathrooms. When I returned into my room, I realized one of the unknown ladies was still there and was closing her pocket book. I had the feeling she had been looking into my things and checked whether there was anything missing. Then I went back to the other room and found my boyfriend masturbating in front of the computer. I caught him the moment he was ejaculating. He turned off the computer screen but I still saw him. I would be happy if you could interpret this dream. Thanks

  4. Val

    Hi Cortney, I am a 65 yr. old widow. I had a dream where I fell in love with a well known country and western singer. In the dream, I realized I was too old for him and it woke me up. I got up and moved around my apartment for a while hoping that when I went back to bed, I would dream of something else. When I fell asleep again, the same dream returned and this time I was his age. I sat down at a table where he was sitting with other people. He looked across the table at me with so much love in his eyes and on his face, it made me blush. What does this mean?
    Thank you

  5. sessi

    A friend told me that she always wakes up with aches in her torso and that she always has the feeling that a negative force brought about by a curse is oppressing her.
    What do you think?

  6. josie

    … Perhaps, this is a one-step at a time. Go slow and sure. Listen to each other ,as you speak to each other…and many things will be discovered…

  7. utee

    Sometime I have dreams about my son’s father. We are not together because he treated me like shit. He doesn’t see our son because I don’t feel comfort around him and when he do come around, he wants more out of him just seeing our son. I was and still is in love with him, but I am trying to let it go by seeing other people, but at times I will be sleeping and start seeing him in my sleep. What do that means?

  8. Leslie

    Recently I had a vision of someone I use to know many years ago. His face came to me in a “Wizzard of OZ” way. I felt him laying next to me again his energy, his body, his physical presence.

    It makes me wonder if perhaps there is something lingering in the universe unfinished business or a missed opportunity for us both.

  9. Rose Cocca

    i have all kinds of dreams good ones and bad ones…dont laught i had a dream of a bear going in my neighbers YARD..and thet fence just fir it..and it was their pet..now is that a good dream ..no then i have wonderfil dreams being with my boyfriend on an island …with no one around..and we got alone so well…no fighting ..just love…


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