How Others Might Be Eavesdropping on Your Aura

Your Energy and Aura: You’re Stronger Than You Think

Your aura is the energy that surrounds you. Are you in touch with your aura, the energy you possess and perhaps unknowingly emit when you walk into a room?

Many religions, ancient and modern cultures, Buddhists to Zoroastrians, Chinese acupuncturists to New Age holistic healers, not only believe in auras in some form or another, but revere them as a key to our ultimate health and emotional wellbeing.

The internal well-being of both your mind and body form a connection with your spirit that permeates throughout and around your body. Our auras are not visible to the naked eye—that is to say, no one walks around surrounded by a yellow or blue glowing light, yet it is palpable. Your aura can be felt by anyone and vice versa. People who are blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience can feel, hear or see your aura more readily than others, but we are still all capable of at least sensing energy to some degree.

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Inside Out

Just as the outer body has an aura surrounding it, our body also possesses inner energy. Inner energy is managed by a series of similar energy centers called chakras. There are seven chakras that run from the base of your torso to the crown of our head. Chakras, or inner auras, as I like to refer to them, are typically assigned flower-like shapes and colors to represent and identify them. Chakras are energy bases that have a center and emanate outward. Each chakra supports the other. When one is off center, none of the others run properly. This could affect your overall outer aura. Doing a chakra meditation, concentrating on each chakra in order, one by one, can give your inner aura what it needs to align itself properly, reenergize it, and give you a sense of wellness, thereby making your outer aura glow.

Your Aura’s Power

Emotions like anger, joy, jealousy and passion sometimes are so strong within us that they cannot be easily contained. People around us can feel this energy. Perhaps you’ve heard someone say, “The tension in that room was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.” Conversely, someone might also say, “That meeting was so uplifting and energizing, I feel like I could take on the world.” We must be aware of how powerful our energies are and how they may affect others.

You can use your powers of concentration and meditation to not only spread light where there is none, but also to block negative energies coming from others. This is a power each of us possesses.

The most important energy that your aura has though is the ability to heal itself, allowing the mind, body and spirit to work in harmony, as one. Concentrate on good thoughts and good health. Be aware of your body, your emotions and your spirit. Let your light shine bright from within, so the light that surrounds you is bright, peaceful and welcoming to those around you.


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24 thoughts on “How Others Might Be Eavesdropping on Your Aura

  1. winstrol

    I like the valuable information you be offering to your articles. I can bookmark your and feature my children test up right here generally. I am slightly positive they are going to be informed quite a lot of new stuff here than anybody else!

  2. Somayeh

    Thank u very much for valuable information. want to know How i can improve my inner energy? And is it possible to affect a person`s feelings or ideas who is away from us by concentrating on that person?

  3. Danielle

    Hello. I have never seen my own aura but others have seen it. I have also been told that I have clairvoyant abilities- and although I used to mess around with that stuff when I was younger, I no longer do it- after a reading I gave to a friend came true, I lost my friend.

    I was wondering what does the aura color of a very light blue signify? What do white and black signify? I’ve been told that my aura is “the lightest blue{he’s} ever seen.” Others claiming to see my aura have also claimed to see a shade of blue/ pale blue. One woman said that my aura had three layers- the blue being closest to my body, white shrouding the blue making the blue appear pale, with a layer of black hovering over certain areas of white. This statement of black makes me feel a little uneasy. Although I’ve heard that black is not necessarily bad, and is not “evil”, I tend to associate black with more bad things than good things. Does an aura give any strengths/talents that I may / may not be aware of? Is there a way to strengthen it? I’ve read a column stating that one can use their aura to block negative energies from others. How does one go about accomplishing this? This color was told to me a few years back. I was wondering can an aura’s color change? Is there such a thing as a layer of colors? Is there a way to see others auras? Can two people together create a different aura- do auras exist between two people in a relationship? If so, can that aura be used to strengthen and deepen the relationship, maybe mend any scars from previous relationships? Does anyone know any possible books that I may learn about auras and the significance/ meaning of their colors? I know this is a lot of questions. Thank you for your time.

  4. miray

    Thank you for this wonderfull subject, and i want to learn about chakra meditation,and how to block negative energies come to me.
    Thank you.
    Best regards

  5. LJ Innes

    also – there are many experienced psychic energy readers on California Psychics who would welcome the opportunity to help anyone with specific questions/needs and energy alignments. It not only time well spent, it’s priceless to get this sort of energy “tune up.” You will start to feel amazing in no time.

  6. LJ Innes

    Thank you everyone for commenting on my article; I’m glad it was helpful. For those who would like a one-on-one type of chakra meditation that I found helpful, you can find a “you tube” video that you can follow as it plays. I’m not sure of the name, but just search “chakra meditation.” I will try to do a more in depth follow up article on chakras that will be easy to follow and understand, but for more immediate results I would go the You Tube route.

  7. Elizabeth

    I found this article so interesting, I knew that emotions afect our inner energy but did not know how our emotions afect others auras as well. Thank you for this article.

  8. Charmaine McDonald

    Thanks for this wonderful article. Love Shines through the things you do, to brighten up life for others. Having a positive attitude and an attitude of gratitude makes the light shine inside and outside of ones body, so that others can catch the glows that emit form your Body as well. Great article, please keep them coming. Blessed be always. Charmaine McDonald ( South Africa)

  9. sue

    i would love to have my aura cleansed what do i have to do. i was told to much negative energy around me. holding my lover back from me. i used sage oil in the bath water.

  10. arise

    You can see auras. Three of us tried it one night. One had been trained, but the other two had no experience. One stood up against wall (off-white in color) while the other two looked for the aura. You have to relax and soften your visual focus.

    The experienced friend is a powerful little lady. She runs a successful business that brings her into contact with the public every day. When she stood up, we could clearly see her aura was about a foot above her head! – giving her the presence of a much taller person.

  11. Lark

    Reading the article on auras made me wonder about mine. Usually I’m a very warm giving and nurturing person. My family and friends come to me to share their problems and hardships, Maybe its because I am a good listener and I try to give good advice, Sometimes even strangers feel comfortable telling me their personal problems. Here lately I have heard many problems or hardships from people and I’m feeling so drained and tired,could the energy of my aura be taken from me? I don’t know if that is truly possible. But the article made me think that it might be the cause of this listless feeling. I’m going to try the chakra meditation. Great article!

  12. gail

    This is what I need to read today with how the last few weeks being hard. It reminded me that I needed to do chakra meditation to get my mind,body and soul back in place. I would like to thank you for send this to me. Gail

  13. GLENDA


  14. Joan Donovan

    I am distracted by the noise of peoples incessant talking most of which is said is senseless chatter. I become aware of whats really going on with these people and its scary and I want to leave. I sense their real feelings and dont know what to do with all this.

  15. Aida Bon

    Gina Rose, You always give nice comments. The article was being printed before I read your advice: Print this article out. This is not coincedence….Love Aida from The Netherlands, a daily reader of the beautiful columns.

  16. Della

    I really like this articile on Auras. Can I ask a question? When someone sees a black auras cirle around a person does that mean negative being? I was told one day that my mother in law and sister in law had black auras. The person who saw them told me they try to stay away from people with this black auras.

  17. Astro Lata Sharma

    Great article. Aura is affected by people around and our thoughts . it is my personal experience that meditation and reikie helps me in keeping my aura healed and i feel meditation is as important as oxygen for healthy, harmonious and peacefullife.

  18. Nichola

    Wow… Very insightful. I definitely pick up on energy and hear energy almost on different levels but can’t see auras although I wish I could. Is there a way of learning the ability to see auras. I have just started chakra balancing through meditation and crystals I can definitely feel the energy holding the crystals it runs up your arms. Amazing feeling.

    Thanks for another amazing article and any more tips on auras would be much appreciated. Thanks again. Nichola xxxx

  19. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This article is chock full of very insightful and important information…….

    I read auras, but I also literally & physically hear energy…….emotions not only show up in your aura but also change the energy flow ( tone, pitch, and flow ) in your body.
    ( When Doctors send me their patients, my private off-line clients, I read their auras, yes, but I also listen to the flow energy ).

    It is important, as this article so wonderfully points out to keep your energy flowing in harmony….mind, body, & spirit. For that is the ticket to a long healthy AND happy life.

    Great job, LJ Innes !!!!!!

    Very important info in this article…..hope everybody bookmarks this article or prints it out.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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