DreamCast: Attaining a Higher Altitude

June from Nassau, Bahamas writes:

I have this recurring dream where I’m lifted from the earth and flying. Once I start to fly, I begin to think of the journey and distance I would like to go (to other lands), and suddenly it dawns on me that in order for me to cross the ocean safely without falling into it, I must rise to a higher altitude. In the dream, it becomes clear that the power to go higher is a mind thing, so I try to use my mind to climb higher. However, this process produces mental strain, and instead of going higher, I begin to descend. As soon as I take my mind off going higher and just relax, I find myself being lifted up again.

The last dream was so vivid – I’m flying in the night sky across the islands. Then I leave the islands behind and start to fly over a large deep ocean to cross to another land. It’s dark, and I’m able to sense the wide and deep ocean under me. I’m ready for the adventure, and get excited. However, that familiar thought comes back, and once again I begin to strain my mind to go to a higher altitude. Immediately I start to descend towards the ocean, but as soon as I relax my mind I’m taken back up.

In the dreams, I always wake up while still flying, but it seems that I’m never able to reach the other shores where I’m so excited to go. I have no fear, just common sense that in order to go far and cross the ocean safely, I must get to a higher altitude, but it never works.

Hello June,

Your dreams strike me as significant on two levels. First, you’re obviously doing a lot of exploring of other dimensions while in your astral body. I think we all have the ability to leave our physical bodies while sleeping and travel about. Most of the time, we don’t remember these explorations – unless we have a flying dream, which is usually a clue that we’ve been traveling during the night.

It’s interesting that mentally willing yourself higher only makes you more grounded. It’s like your mind gets in the way of your ability to soar. It seems that accessing a more instinctual part of you is what enables you to fly. This point may offer a clue to maneuvering successfully in one’s astral body: Have the intention of going higher, and then let it happen naturally.

Second, the other important aspect of your dreams is that they may offer insights about your waking life, too. Perhaps you’re over-analyzing your direction in life, which is cutting you off from “going higher” (moving forward). Also, the ocean may symbolize your emotions. You’re trying not to fall into the water (emotional overwhelm), but letting your mind take over isn’t the way to handle your feelings. Combining your heart and mind could be the key to staying emotionally healthy while accelerating your personal growth.

Sweet dreams (and happy travels!),


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One thought on “DreamCast: Attaining a Higher Altitude

  1. Corrine Ext. 5194

    I’ve also experienced this dream many times before a major change or occurrence has happened in my life, pay attention to your dreams because even if it may see irrelevant at the time, it usually makes sense later. Very well done explination I always love reading articles about dreams it just gives you a different perspective.

    Live, Laugh, Love. <3

    -Corrine Ext. 5194
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