Psychic Workout: 3 Ways to Sell Your House

Are you ready to sell your home, but the decline of the current real estate market has you down? During these shaky economic times, selling your home may not be as easy, but there are some spiritual strategies that can aid you in this nerve-wracking process.

As with any ritual or exercise you perform that invokes a higher power, you also want to ensure that you have the mundane aspects of your desire fulfilled. In this situation, that means having a tidy house, completing necessary repairs, listing your house with a competent agent, and good advertising. Assuming that this has been done, you can inject a little magick to further draw attention and attraction to your house. Some people, notably Catholics, believe in burying statues of St. Joseph upside-down in the front yard in order to make their house sell faster. You may have had the house blessed for a faster sale. Jews may remove the Metsusah from their front doors that protected the home, as a message to God that it is time to relocate. You probably already offer daily devotional prayers focused on the sale, but the following simple exercises keep you actively involved in the selling process of your home, so you are less likely to feel anxious and frustrated while you wait for an offer.

1. Go outside and face your house. Greet the house from the same approach that a prospective buyer would when seeing it for the first time. Now visualize the house through their eyes. In your mind, envision brilliant light engulfing the house. You can continue this tour by walking through the entire house with the eyes of a stranger, focusing on the positive points of sale, and avoiding thoughts of flaws that could disrupt your concentration and positivity. By focusing on all the good points, you’ve filled those places in and around the house with an energy so that they won’t be overlooked.

2. Whenever you leave your house to later return, make your journey home as if you were a prospective buyer. As you drive home, feel that you are drawn like a magnet to your house, as if there is a vortex or force pulling you that feels so intense that you are about to turn the corner and discover your destiny. As you pull up to the driveway, stop and pause and say a brief prayer inviting someone to experience this same feeling and visualization you created, which results in a sale of the house. Any potential buyer that may see a flier advertising your house, or an “open house” sign will be drawn to follow this trail of magnetic energy you have created, whether they’re aware of it or not.

3. To be successful in the sale of your house, it truly has to become just that, a house, and no longer your home. That means that you must release it and let it go emotionally. Until you can see yourself happily living elsewhere without regrets, there is still an attachment, or cord that must be gently severed. To do this, make peace with your home by expressing your gratitude toward it for having sheltered and protected you.

With a combination of these efforts, both practical and spiritual, this proactive approach can expedite the sale of your house, so that you can move on to create your new home.

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