DreamCast: Homeless People in the Basement

I had a dream that I heard a noise in my basement. When I went down to check it out I found many homeless people living down there. They were all ages and races, and told me they got in through a crack in the window. I wanted to help them, but thought they shouldn’t stay.


Zoe in Appleton, Wisconsin

Hello Zoe,

Basements symbolize the unconscious. It’s the place where hidden feelings such as longing, anger and fear reside. It can also be a place of untapped creativity and psychic energy. The homeless people are most likely parts of yourself that don’t have a home inside you – yet. They may be desires you’re unaware of consciously or uncomfortable feelings you’ve tried to disown. However, it’s interesting that they were all ages and races, which suggests they are the expanded version of “Zoe,” untapped talents, wisdom and guidance that you have yet to access. Perhaps it’s time to explore your inner world to see what gifts are waiting to be discovered.

Sweet dreams,

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