Red Responds: Things Do Not Go As Planned

Scorpio Girl in New Jersey writes:

There is a certain Capricorn gentleman that I often think about. He used to be a good friend in college. We have seen each other date various people but have always remained casual friends in the last five years. Before going away to medical school, he sort of proposed to me. The idea was to get to know each other better for the next couple of years, and then get formally engaged when we’re both a little older.

At that point, we had never dated and I had never really considered him anything more than a friend. But when he said those words, something clicked inside. I think I might actually have feelings for this guy. We talked for only a month long distance and lost touch. Since then I have dated a few people casually but no one interests me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I still think of my friend.

It’s been almost two years now, but we have only had one casual conversation online. Lately, I have been feeling like he might be the one. I imagine us together as a couple. I even have daydreams of us getting married and having a family. Have I gone crazy? Do you actually see a loving relationship between us in the future? Is he “the one?”

Dear Scorpio Girl,

Back in the day when your Capricorn man was around you and your Scorpio wiles, there really was a level of sincerity in the proposal and plan. But, things did not go as planned. If the two of you hadn’t lost contact, you most likely would be with him now.

You are coming into that place of life where you are feeling the stirrings of wanting to settle down, and nostalgia is settling in. Time and distance has definitely taken its toll on the bond that once burned so brightly between the two of you. I wish I could tell you that things will simply circle back around because this relationship is “meant to be,” but I can’t. However, when the opportunity presents, a little strategy and ingenuity may bring your daydreams into more of a reality.

Mr. Capricorn doesn’t present as your one and only, but he does present as one choice out of several possibilities. If you really want this man, you are going to have to work to make it happen. I’m not saying to fling yourself at him wildly, or stalk him until he succumbs, but the next time the two of you connect – do what you can to keep the communication channels open and flowing. History can repeat itself, and friendship can evolve into something more.

If you can, drop him an email. If you can’t, (I’m not sure the contact information you have is still good) he will be reaching out to you in May. The Universe will present the two of you with the opportunity, but what you each do with it is ultimately a matter of free will. Simply put, you do have a shot, but there is much uncertainty in the air.

While you are far from crazy, your daydreams are fueled by conscious desire rather than psychic flashes. The marriage and family you will have. If it’s not with the Capricorn, the Taurus you have yet to meet will take his place.

Good luck!
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