Detox Energy

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people – co-workers, relatives, friend – who are like happiness leeches, sucking you dry of your energy with their bad vibes and, in turn, showering you with their own negativity? You know the type: they constantly bring you down with their dark outlook and petty grievances, using their own lack of self-assurance to knock down everyone else in sight, and speaking only of what’s wrong – never what’s right.

These are the ones for whom the proverbial glass is always half-empty. Moreover, they are so toxic that they not only miss the beauty of the rainy day – they don’t even see the rainbow afterward. And they leave you covered with the detritus of their own misery.

There’s no need to fall victim, however. Even though you can’t always avoid such energy vampires, you can protect yourself from absorbing their bleak worldview and negativity, so you can continue to embrace life without depressing interruptions.

Definition: positive energy
First, imagine positive energy as a perfect alignment of emotions, thoughts and behavior. An example would be a dinner party, surrounded by like-minded people whose intellect and conversation match your own. You feel buoyed by such connections and can let your guard down. There is no danger of being pulled into an undercurrent of jealousy, anger, or resentment – only the uplifting feeling of positivity. Imagine yourself as having a protective shield surrounding you. The shield is always on, but at this moment it is on a dimmer switch and doesn’t need to be activated to optimal brilliance.

In a negative energy situation – a meeting at work with lots of blame-laying and hurt feelings, or an expedition with a friend who never ceases to gripe – your shield should be up, full-force. This energy force of golden vibes and protective love is what you tap into when you feel the need. You may not see this protective light, but you can sense it. It also works against your own negative “voices” – the ones that say you’re not worthy, or not talented enough to get the job, promotion or good life you want. If you can’t ignore those voices of self-doubt, just tell them to “be quiet.” You’re in control, not them – because if you give in to them, your creativity will go out the window.

Bad-vibe protection
You must protect yourself from drowning in the bad vibes of others, so your own subtle energy doesn’t become stagnant and weigh you down. Aside from the energy shield, there are other techniques you can follow. In yoga, the word “Satnam” means “the truth within you.” By surrendering to your truth, you will follow your proper life path. Repeat this word as you breathe out negativity and inhale positive vibes.

Absorb loving energy instead: the unconditional love of your pet as it nestles up to you, the sweet caress of a lover, the sound of voices joined in unison in a spiritual gathering… these are all good and should be embraced. Like energy “candies,” they fortify you with their joyous purity to better handle any toxic encounters that may occur.

Use humor to alleviate dark emotions, and remember to vanquish your own by freeing yourself of resentment. Identify your fears, face them, embrace them – and then say goodbye to them. Trust your gut about danger and choose your actions wisely. Keep a journal that lists both the good things you’ve done and the amends you need to make. Then act on them!

Besides all this “feel good” advice, use common sense: drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, commune with nature, and don’t spend so much time with electronic gadgets that you forget to live life for real. You’ll feel more centered and re-energized if you take some time away from those little screens.

Remember: energy begets energy. This is a reflection of physiology, but it also describes emotions. What you put out is what you’ll receive – if you’re sending off enough positivity, you may then force it through the negative person’s shield, and wind up helping them as well. Now wouldn’t that be great?

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