DreamCast: Traveling to Other Dimensions

I dreamt I was in a different dimension, talking to people who had
passed on. Then I had to come back, and someone said to me, “don’t
worry, you will be happy one day.”


Patricia in Gloucester, England

Hello Patricia,

Traveling to other dimensions while asleep is a common occurrence. We usually remember these explorations as dreams, when in reality we were traveling in the astral body, which separates from the physical body during sleep. There are many different planes of existence where the dead reside in the afterlife. You reached one of them, and came back with quite an inspiring message! The messenger might have been a friend or a family member who had died, or it might be a spirit guide (we all have them). At any rate, take heart that happiness is within your reach. Or you can choose to be happy now, whatever the circumstances.

Sweet dreams,

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