Your Daily Focus: June 19 – 25

Your Daily Focus: June 19-25 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Cancer season is upon us! Oh, sweet little crabs, what can I say? I think you guys get a bad rap, often seen as cliché, overemotional, and clingy criers. But Cancers, while certainly emotional, are also incredibly sharp, cunning, and intuitive. They are the masters of using puppy dog eyes to distract from their crime in progress. Sneaky, sometimes manipulative, always clever as can be, Cancers actively work to shape their reality. When a Cancer wants something, they won’t be stopped. Cancers are deep feelers above anything else, and while Cancer season is here, we can all feel the energy of the crab and enjoy getting in touch with our inner feelings.

One thing to keep in mind as we enter Cancer season is that we will all be feeling the pull of this sign since it is one of the strongest energies in the zodiac. You might find yourself feeling more empathetic, more interested in other people’s lives and stories, or maybe even more driven to achieve your own goals—through whatever means necessary. As we leave the flighty, uncommitted energy of Gemini season behind us, we will feel the shift of the Crab in our day-to-day lives. Let’s examine that more closely in this week’s Daily Focus.

Saturday, June 19

“Pisces is a river and Cancer is an ocean, then Scorpio is a deep, dark well.”

This is my favorite way to describe Water signs. You can think of Cancer as the biggest, most watery-Water sign in a lot of ways. The ocean is beautiful, deep, and terrifying! It holds mysteries and shipwrecks and treasures. That’s how Cancers are as well, and as we feel the influence of their sign, our hearts will open.

Sunday, June 20

“Cancers are the caregivers, the mom friend, the one who looks for you and makes sure you have a snack and a jacket.”

As we embrace the energy of the crab, we will all be feeling a little bit more tender, and perhaps a little bit more overbearing. Make sure to give your people space, even if you truly do know what is best.

Monday, June 21

“A Cancer either cries all the time, at the drop of a hat or not at all.”

One of the biggest misconceptions about Cancereans is that they’re big criers. While this is true of some of them, there is also the other kind of Cancer, and this is the type of person who never cries. Depending on your personal nature, this element of the crab’s energy will affect you differently. Even if they’re not crying, they still feel deeply—so make sure you recognize your own strong emotions, however they manifest.

Tuesday, June 22

“Cancers are the nicest people you will meet—just don’t piss them off.”

Cancers are happy to welcome you into their circle, but if you work against them or piss them off, it’s over for you. You may not even know that a Cancer has it out for you—yet. They can be very crafty and deliberate in how they make social changes or get revenge. They are content to play the long game. Try to capitalize on the positive aspects of their patience. If you’re willing to wait things out, they may turn out even better than you expected.

Wednesday, June 23

“Cancers might look disinterested, but they don’t mean to. They could be totally immersed in what you’re saying without showing the slightest hint of it.”

Often, Cancers can seem bored—but it doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Quite the opposite, actually! They just tend to be otherwise engaged by sensory things around them, easily distracted, and internally processing information. Think of that ocean again, calm on the surface but deep beneath it. Try to give them the benefit of the doubt.  

Thursday, June 24

“The crab has no problem coming up to walk on land, but at the end of the day, the ocean will always be home.”

Cancers are adaptable, they can make friends easily, and love to be social. But at the end of the day, they just want to be with the people they care about, safe and warm and home. This is a great time to plan some family activities and really enjoy the company of your closest friends and family.

Friday, June 25

“No one will love you as a Cancer will.”

Above all else, Cancers are lovers. They love deeply and have compassion for everyone around them. We can all benefit from this openness as we move through Cancer season. Take the time to pay it forward and spread some kindness today.

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