Jupiter in Retrograde: Natal Chart, Effects, Meaning, and More

Jupiter in Retrograde: Natal Chart, Effects, Meanings, and More | California Psychics

The Dance of the Retrogrades

Each year the planets perform their dance around the sun, and just like an intricate ballroom dance, sometimes the dancer will spin in the other direction, just to keep everyone on their toes. When this happens with planets, we say that ‘such and such planet is retrograde.’ Each planet has its own unique effect on us, whether it is direct or retrograde.

In astrology, the planets move around the sun in either a slow, leisurely path or at a fast trot. Their pace decides the longevity of their impact on each sign and any repercussions. The ones that move fast often do not affect the course of life profoundly. On the other hand, slow-moving ones play a significant role in shaping our lives and important decisions.

The Meaning of Jupiter Retrograde

It takes Jupiter 12 years to complete its journey around the sun. The 484 million miles of distance between Jupiter and the sun means that the planet enters its retrograde phase roughly every nine months, for a period of approximately four months at a time.

So, what does Jupiter retrograde mean for us? Jupiter rules all things expansive, such as travel, higher education, philosophy, and wisdom. Jupiter going into retrograde means that most outward expressions of these activities will slow down or be drawn inward for the time being.

As we prepare for Jupiter retrograde, a few things to keep in mind are that travel plans may be put on hold or canceled. Delay anything involving travel, such as moving to a different home, state, or country, wait to sign any major agreements, and don’t make any promises because they align with long-held beliefs. Jupiter retrograde is a time for going within and reviewing our values, principles, and belief systems, and discarding anything that may no longer serve our highest good. It’s a time for slowing down and allowing our inner growth to take center stage. It’s not the most enjoyable time for those who bask under Jupiter’s usual jovial rule, but we all need some downtime every once in a while.

Born Under Jupiter Retrograde

Those born with Jupiter retrograde in their natal charts tend to have different or unusual perspectives, belief systems, or sets of morals, preferring to learn from their own experiences and reactions to them, rather than from others. These are the planners who worry about their futures or the consequences of their actions more than is strictly necessary, and they need to realize that they deserve what others might naturally feel entitled to.

Benefic Placement

In Vedic astrology, when Jupiter is benefic (blessings) in a person’s birth chart, they can count themselves lucky indeed. They’re likely to be blessed with a quick and curious mind, a great deal of patience, and easy communication skills. They will also experience great luck in their careers, no matter what they turn their hands to, even if they change their professions halfway through life. All of this career luck can, in turn, lead to a lot of recognition and praise from other people. They may also be drawn towards the more spiritual and mysterious sides of life. The one downside to all of this good fortune is that it can cause those born with benefic Jupiter in their chart to be a bit full of themselves. Something that Jupiter retrograde might give you cause to think about.

Malefic Placement

When Jupiter is malefic (challenging) in someone’s birth chart, it is considered to be in a weak position. Anyone with Jupiter malefic in their birth chart may have a hard time focusing on tasks, may not benefit best from traditional forms of education, nor fit in well with a traditional workplace, such as an office or a 9-5 job.  

Jupiter’s Relationship with the Zodiac

Using your ascendant planet you can determine whether or not Jupiter is a Benefic, Malefic, or Neutral planet for you.


  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Scorpio


  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Aquarius


  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Pisces

Jupiter Retrograde 2021

In 2021, Jupiter will travel through two signs while in retrograde, beginning in Pisces on June 20 – which also happens to be the day of the Summer Solstice and will end in Aquarius on October 17. At the very beginning of this retrograde, the Pisces energy could leave us dazed and overly optimistic about opportunities or people that aren’t exactly what they appear to be. Once Jupiter enters Aquarius, we will begin to gain more information, even if it might not always be what we’d hoped for.

Intense Reflection

Jupiter retrograde is a time of philosophical and intense spiritual introspection and reflection. You might have to deal with particular issues involving personal growth and development, happiness, and success. It usually shines a spotlight on any destructive behaviors we might have that are out of control, allowing us the opportunity to rectify those shortcomings.

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