Tarot 101: How to Use the Tarot

Why You Need the Tarot Now More Than Ever!

Imagine being able to take a deck of cards, throw a few of them on the table, and solve your most desperate problems or gain guidance to improve your life from what you see. It sounds impossible, but that’s what you can do with the deck of Tarot cards.

Nobody is sure of their source, but they seem to have developed in fifteenth-century Italy. They came in different formats, but eventually evolved into a set of 78 cards with three sections.

The most famous section is the 22 cards numbered from 0 to 21 called the Major Arcana or “important secrets.” Each card features a drawing of a concept or personality ranging from lovers to justice.

The second section is the Court Cards which is like the face cards of a deck of playing cards, but each of the four suits has four, rather than three cards.

California Psychics, Tarot: Two of Cups

Finally, there are the Pip Cards. These are four suits of cards numbered from one to ten. Originally they were simply numbered cards, but in 1910, a deck created by A. E. Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith added drawings to these cards, too. The Pip Cards and Court Cards are collectively called the Minor Arcana or “lesser secrets.” The suits of the Minor Arcana are associated with the four classical elements—Air, Earth, Fire, and Water—that were popularized by medieval alchemists.

The next phase of working with the Tarot is a multi-card meaning. As you concentrate on a question, mix the cards and draw three of them. The first gives you information from the past that is important to understanding the background of your question. The second gives you information about the present with advice on how to move forward. The third reveals the final outcome. If it’s positive, it shows what is likely to happen if you follow the Tarot’s advice. If it’s negative, it reveals what may happen if you don’t take the advice.It is the imagery found on the cards that makes the Tarot such a powerful and potent tool for growth and change. Today, there are hundreds of Tarot decks available. Find one you like that draws you to it. Spend some time becoming familiar with the cards. Then, simply mix the cards while asking an important question and draw a card. Look at the image on the card. What does it mean to you? Let your creativity and imagination flow. Working with the Tarot can help improve these areas in your life, too.

You can also use the Tarot without asking a question. Simply draw a card from the deck and meditate on its meaning. Doing this in the morning can give you advice for the day. Do it on the first day of a month for guidance for the month.

If you’re becoming interested in understanding the Tarot more deeply, fantastic! There are many wonderful beginning books on the Tarot. I suggest you try a few and see which are the best for you.

California Psychics, Tarot Sun

Tarot readers, such as the ones at California Psychics, go to an even deeper level. By studying books and using their intuition, they come up with very precise meanings for the cards. They then put them in elaborate layouts called “spreads.” The position of a card in the spread modifies its meaning. Its relation to the other cards also provides richer interpretations. The result is a powerful, in-depth reading you can use to gain insights into any issue, empowering you and giving you the opportunity to make your life what you always wanted it to be.

“A psychic sees things from the outside perspective. We, as humans, have a difficult time stepping outside the box and looking at things from a very neutral standpoint.” – Psychic Lacy ext. 5494

Because of the Tarot’s powerful imagery, you can use the deck by yourself. However, if you just want to get in-depth guidance and information, you’ll find that many of the California Psychics use the Tarot and can get that information for you! Whether you want to learn about a new job, your love life, your career, your friends or family or virtually any other area, a Tarot reading can help you understand and turn your life around!

“It helps to have an advisor look at things intuitively for you to see if there are any blocks they might be able to help you remove or any insight they may be able to give you from your guides to help you along your path.” – Psychic Giselle ext. 5220

Donald Michael Kraig, Certified Tarot Grandmaster, graduated from UCLA with a degree in philosophy, and has become a certified hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner. His book, Modern Magick, is the most popular step-by-step course in real magick ever published.

11 thoughts on “Tarot 101: How to Use the Tarot

  1. Brenda

    I was given a deck of tarot cards,celtic dragon as a gift years ago.They were like magic to me.I started doing readings on people I knew at first,then on ones I didn’t know.Much to my amazement my predictions happened.I have misplaced my cards in a move,and am going to get another deck.You can really look at the cards and see the meaning.I would like to study more about it,but it just came natural to me.

  2. berserker

    I noyice that I easiely read my own cards but not much luck reading others. I often draw many (cups). A sign of peace and serenity..which I have for the most part, vbersus some one who always draws (swords) A sign of strife and conflict. The cards give advice that can be very useful. For myself, I dont think they have ever predicted the future per say…rather gave me some possible outcomes based on how much of the advice I was willing to follow. I may have this all wrong…its what my gut tells me..and if im wrong at least no one sufferes because of my possible ignorance since I only read myself.

  3. Ellen

    I’ve been cosulting the cards for years on my own readings,but my question is, how soon does the readings happen?

  4. Marc from the UK

    I prefer the ” Ace of Spades”!!!! Joke, great song though by our very own Mr Osborn!

  5. Susan

    Answer to Tracy. I got my cards on Amazon and got the Quick and Easy read tarot cards. You can also get the books there. I am teaching myself to read the cards and then go to friend who is a psychic to confirm what I have read. I am into all types of learning and read my horoscope every day. It is so clse, it is like they were sitting on my shoulder. So true. I knkow that things are going to get better.

  6. Tracy

    That was a very interesting article. I am very interested in horoscopes, tarot cards, magick, astrology, the whole nine yards. I read my horoscope everyday. I would like to learn more. Where could I find Donald Michael Kraig’s book, Modern Magick, and also where could I buy tarot cards? This is my favorite site, I like reading all the great articles you have on this site.

    Thank you

  7. diane le breton

    hi worry about my daugter all the time .the job for us is not bissy.i scare to loose my house job everything.do you telle me .

  8. -quinn ext.5484

    gotta love the tarot. pretty and artistic, they are story telling cards. each time you throw them even though the cards stay the same the story seems to change. magic, ya think!!!
    if you are wanting to get a set, it is nice if they are gifted to you, even if you pick them out and someone buys them. with online shopping it is easy to get a deck but there is nothing like going to the store and holding them and seeing them in person. unless you know what you want then online is great.
    tarot is a path to knowledge and a way to see through the crazy day to day issues that come up.
    happy readings – thanks for sharing this great article.
    my favorite card is the ace of pentacles –


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