Your Venus Retrograde Forecast

You, Your Karma and Venus Retrograde, Good Times

Venus retrogrades on May 15 in Gemini. These retrogrades occur about once every 20 months, and they have a significantly karmic flavor to them. You may have to revisit the past to see a way to a more balanced future in matters of the heart and/or matters closest to the heart. This Gemini transit, in particular, will examine the very human side of life as envisioned versus currently existing. Here’s how Venus retrograde touches your Sun sign from May 15 through June 27, 2012.


Venus retrogrades in your solar third house representing people in your daily life. You can see the merit in both points of view in some personal matters, and you search for a creative resolution that pleases both sides.


Venus is your ruling planet. When in retrograde, it’s a healing time for you. As it happens in your solar second house, you’ll begin to assess your job, which may give you financial success, but is it something you like doing?


Venus goes retrograde in your sign and your solar first house, the house of self. During this retrograde, you should review your most personal relationships, especially the one with yourself. Find your bliss.


Venus retrogrades in your twelfth house, the house of the higher mind. This has a specifically karmic tone to it, especially in connecting with past and current love and money issues. Look inward.

“Whether you see yourself as a success or a failure… you’re right.” – Psychic Kelli ext. 5130


With this retrograde in your eleventh house, you’ll be looking over your personal values. Are you aligned with like-minded people, and living a life that brings you joy? If not, make some needed changes.


You sometimes worry too much about others. Forget other’s opinions, good or bad, and concentrate on that very-Virgo plan for the future. You know what will work best for you.


The duality of Venus retrograde in Gemini is not lost on you. You take a look inward, into your spiritual versus everyday life. More than ever, you’ll seek balance in both and make them become more equal to one another.


Like fellow water sign Cancer, your focus is on karmic relationships. Someone from a past life may appear. A strong desire to correct past misunderstandings may seem urgent.

“If you’re the cheater, time to take an honest look at why you’re cheating, and if it’s worth getting caught. Being in love with two people at the same time is never easy, but karma awaits! So choose carefully!” – Psychic Simone ext. 5346


Any troubles in the love department needn’t worry your troubled mind. Address problems and take them seriously, yes, but know it’s all short-lived and will work itself out for the best next month.


Venus retrogrades in the part of your solar chart that concerns marriage and close friendships. How can you renew the magic of life in relation to those dearest to you?


While Venus retrogrades in your daily responsibility and health sector, you’ll question the affect your daily activities have on your mind, body and soul. You seek ways to align them more closely to your vision.


What is missing in your love life? If nothing, great. You can coast through this retrograde, unless it’s money that’s on your mind. You seek a peaceful existence in all areas of life, and Venus can show you the way.

Venus will remain in Gemini through its retrograde and when it once again goes direct. Use Gemini’s energetic optimism to see your dreams through to realization.

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  4. Bettin EX 5065

    Great for cast keep them coming please…. Now I understand why I’m having boyfriend vibes.

  5. LJ Innes

    thanks Gina and Quinn … I do love my Venus transits and retrogrades, can’t wait for June! (love the meta waves!)

  6. -quinn ext.5484

    venus if you will…
    here we go busy as can be with so many wanting to know about past relationships.
    both libra and taurus are ruled by venus giving this gemini venus energy a tad of an unblanced feel and a balanced feel. gotta love the universe and the polarity of the whole system. and with the gemini vibe we are gonna be talking.
    great time to ask about past loves. great time to uncover truth…
    thank you LJ for this insightful article.
    ~~~metta waves~~~


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