Follow Your Dreams and Stop Playing it Safe

Most people never realize their dreams because they’d rather play it safe. Later in life you may find yourself with regrets. Follow your dreams!

Going After Your Dreams

You can do extraordinary things and lead a most exciting life. That may be the reason you were put on this Earth. But most people never realize their dreams because playing it safe is, well, the SAFE thing to do. Stop! Today is the day to go after your dreams. Quit punching the clock and get out there!

On the last day of your life, do you think your final thought will be, thank goodness I sat on the fence? Nope, even as we begin to age and recognize we’re approaching, or even passing middle age, we all wonder why we never stepped off the gangplank and tested deeper waters. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Let me tell you a story.

When I was just out of college, I hated my life, my job, my lover, and probably myself. I felt what used to be called ennui. I felt suppressed. Time hung heavy on my hands. Nothing I did seemed worth the time it took to do. But, raised by ultra conservative parents, I had learned to give a man a day’s work for a day’s pay and meet other people’s expectations. A job. A home. A dog and 2.5 children.

I had the job, the car, a nice apartment. I was a national training director for a major American company, and I was only 25 years old. What else could a young woman want?

My dream. I wanted to be a writer. But a rough road ran between 20th Century women and publishing success. How could I compete? I didn’t know anything about myself or my world or life in general. One day, I decided to change all that.

I quit my job, sublet my apartment and turned everything I owned into cash. With one large suitcase, I boarded a Yugoslavian freight ship to cross the Atlantic from Bayonne, N.J. We would sail the ocean blue and disembark in an undetermined port in Spain, Yugoslavia or Africa.

I actually went to all those places and more. The long and short of that story is I spent a year and a half living in everything from a three person pleasure boat to a one room bungalow on the island of Crete, with no toilet and a faucet sticking out of the wall over a metal pan. I got into a little trouble, met fascinating people, saw things I’ll remember forever, and worked my way through six countries before returning to New York with 65 cents and a half pack of cigarettes to my name.

Happy ending? For sure. I never went back to corporate America, though they invited me to. Ultimately, I married, acquired a home, and had three incredible kids. I also became a prolific, well-paid, full-time writer. It took me a few years, but I knew myself and what I wanted. I knew my dream. I had reached for the courage to do what I had to do to make it happen, even when it was scary.

“Stand up, brush yourself off and dare to accept relationships where we are cherished, have the job of our dreams, look into ourselves and find our own heart song.” – Claire ext. 5242 

I stood alone at midnight in the middle of a foreign city with no one around to help me figure out food, shelter and resources. I managed that and much more, alone. Very little seems all that intimidating any more. My kids inherited that spirit. One son went to Iraq to fight for his country. One joined government service to fight terrorists. My daughter travelled the world as a Navy aviation specialist.

Am I telling you to take huge risks, drop out of your life, and walk the plank to the end and beyond? Only if you can muster up the courage and only if you love yourself enough to grab hold of the right stuff to succeed. You only get one shot at your dreams.

Our dreams create our reality. – Kelli ext. 5130

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13 thoughts on “Follow Your Dreams and Stop Playing it Safe

  1. Chrissi

    you have said most of it already here so I won’t repeat my story but when I returned home to my parents I was discouraged from remembering any of my journey, any thing or picture that would remind me was ‘lost’, or had ‘accidents’- as my father wished me to become what he believed I should be not myself- after my mum died things began to change as my husband always wanted me to be myself- but I really didn’t know what that was- but then my father remarried and began to show his true colours- that or my eyes had been opened- we didn’t fit in with his life nor his aspirations so I am now trying to retrace my steps and find what I lost of myself- retrieving my soul I suppose, returning memories are not always pleasant ones- I’ve never shrunk from doing what I had to to survive-but survive I have- and some things I have to learn to forgive myself for especially hurting others that I truly loved, especially those that have passed on and I cannot make physical amends to but I believe I can and will become whole again

  2. Kay

    As I go through life, one thing that hindrance me in doing what I want is if financial matter is involve especially big amount! I’ve got to be very conservative! To play safe before acting it out!

  3. Marc from the UK

    Well Thats sounds great Gina, will do, Ps with your failing eye sight I bet them fish are a jumping and a flipping and you can’t see them lol!!! ( LOL) in over here means LAUGH OUT LOUD !!!And yes please write, may be and I am guessing here your writing was more work and study based? why not write about you? You are clearly very observant and articulate as well so give it a go! I hope Sammi finds more peace and joy in her life, the art to self healing is admitting you need to rather than carrying on regardless of self and others, Sammi is clearly self healing and has taken the hardest part and being open and honest with herself, I admire that, keep going sammi!

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Sammie,

    Thank You for your kind words……actually I’ve been trying to get the urge back to write for awhile……I wrote a ton of articles, many were teaching type meta-physical articles more scientific in nature, that were published some years back and kind of burned out on writing.

    It’s difficult with my failing eyesight……but maybe I will start writing again soon, as I do miss it.
    When I start writing again, You and Mark can let me know how I’m doing….and what you both think.

    Hugs….Gina Rose ext.9500

  5. sammie

    Thank you so very much for sharing Mark… I completely understand victim of circumstances… it’s though our hardship we find our guidance… I must say I stepped out on that limb today and wonderful things happened… I am greatful to bump into you yet again on this site and believe we shall be friends…
    Gina, I am learning every day that “the world is my oyster”… from all your comment that I read you sound like a wonderful woman, full of love… Tell your story Gina, it’s a release…
    thank you for you, Mark and Gina.

  6. Marc from the UK

    I would like to say hello to Sammi, Jane, and Sandy, Please just feel the fear and doubts and grab that adventure, we often find we imprison our selve’s with unecessary doubts or fears, and when we have done that journey or adventure it was unfounded! So please take the journey, life is for enriching, I am finding that as I have experienced so much sadness and badness, that it was turned to a positive, I may not drive a Rolls Royce, live in a Mansion, and have an amazing bank balance, however I am rich in the knowledge I have lived ! and come through it enriched, something wealth can never buy is experience!!! So please take that journey………………….MESSAGE TO GINA ROSE: Thankyou for those lovely words of acknowledgement and comfort, I believe everyone has a story if we can just listen and tap in to them, I am personally at a stage in my life where I am comfortable with myself now (just) ! and beginning to realise that I am sure there is a spiritual life, I have clearly been guided I just did not know it at the time, and I have earned my wings! I believe more now in Karma than ever, so you guys healing people are indeed a gift and should be respected and thanked for you have clearly suffered Gina and turned it all in to healing others, in doing so you have healed yourself as I am still doing to me! I find this site a fabulous place to learn about me and heal more, please keep up the good work. ……………………I am so pleased you are a humane fishing person, and as for your dog work you are an Angel, I believe animals have spirits and we as humans are ignorant to there needs, they are not possessions, they are souls too who deserve love and protection. ………………………….;-)

    My blessings to you .

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Mark,
    From another thread….as ar as fishing goes…..I always throw back the ones I don’t keep and eat !!!!! I believe in catch & release.

    ….I live in a very rural isolated mountain area but it is also a popular fishing area because it is next to a state park and HUGE national forest area.

    and as far as dogs go…..I sit on the board of a No Kill animal shelter that I helped fund and build….LOVE animals.

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Mark,

    I’m so sorry you had to go thru that in your childhood,….. but look at what a wonderful person you turned out to be !!!!!

    ……I had severe trauma as a child as well. Maybe someday I will write about my story as well.

    And Thank You for sharing your story with others… are very inspiring

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  9. Jane

    Can it be too late to go for those dreams? I am 63 years old and still only dreaming about some things I have wanted to do with my life. Is it too late?

  10. Mark Taylor UK

    I would like to congratulate taryne for an excellent article, many years ago as a young child I was put in social care by my mother, she went with her new husband to live in Cyprus and abandoned her children for love. To say I was bewildered is an understatement! I felt a strong belief I had done nothing wrong and several times I ran away (13)!! I got better and smarter at it the more I did it, where I was placed in care was a hell hole and I saw and witnessed terrible things by some bad people, fellow kids and the so called carers! It was the 1970’s and in those days you were never seen or heard about. My story really is never give up your dreams, never quit, I trecked days and nights without food or water, I understand fear,l understand terror, and being chased like a fox and eventually making it to freedom and being saved is itself a journey I buried as I did not want to remember for a long time, at one point I considered suicide, I was following a railroad to the south of England in the dead of night, I knew where I was running from but I had no happy place where to run too, it was dark and very hot, I looked up I was exhausted and wondered why bother surving nobody wants me, nor cares nobody loves me, and I saw a power line that had sunk low in the heat, I was 13 years old but knew I could end my life by touching it, I reached up and as I did I heard a voice as clear as day ‘Mark you do not need to do this carry on don’t give up’ This was a loud clear voice that I have never heard before or recognised and then I felt the desire to survive and keep going Run Run and do not go back. I made it to Southampton,shivering with the cold, hungry, tired and thirsty, I looked down as the sun began to rise and realised I had no idea where in this big city where my friends house was, it was a strange feeling, but I felt I was being guided , my nerves were shot, I feared everybody and everything, I was a fugitive who committed no crime, running from the police, the care authorities, I was aware I was being paranoid but fear has a wonderful way of keeping you motivated. I eventually made it to the house, a friend from where I was kept in care lived, we had a pact that we would meet again and he told me where to find a key was hidden to get in the back of his house, he was not there or his mother and stepfather as he was at the county court that day having his care order reversed to escape the place we were both incarcerated in at the time. I found some water and remembered passing out smiling at the time that I had made it. I came to when my friend came back from the county court, he was the first person to find me lying on the floor, I remember saying to him, see I told you I would make it, huge smiles on both our faces and then I passed out again. I lost two days solid, apparently they bathed me, fed me and watered me, I barely remember those days, they were scared to call the care place I ran away from, they called the local authority County where I was shipped from hundreds of miles away, they came to collect me, but I recall being guided by a feeling that these were good people and I was safe and to go with them. My trauma was not over though, the old care place had autonomy over me, they legally owned me, I was told I had to run a gauntlet, from the house to the taxi awaiting me to take me back home, my new carers had no legal jurisdiction over me until I made it in to the taxi!! To say there was an out cry and a battle would be an understatement, I had to run from the house to the awaiting Taxi, hand pulling at me , trying to drag me down, stop me, I was kicking biting and screaming and made it in, I looked round at my friend and waved good bye, we smiled, victory was ours to saviour I survived. I was never to see or hear from my friend again or his lovely family, I often wonder about them to this day. I am sorry I have run away with this story it just flowed, but I became a happier person, my new school in care was great, I was still battling rejection, insecurities and fears, but I was cared for and the day I left at 16 to go to a boys home my head master in charge of the school told me I was a victim of circumstances and he hoped one day I would understand that, I had done nothing wrong. I became over the years a loving dad to step children and learned that I would never fail my children and give my life for them, I turned a negative in to a positive, I have made peace with my mother, she’s the one who needs me now! irony on it’s own. My point is this: Live life, forgive, love and you will recieve love, Life is a trial, there are no guarantees, feel the fear, life is never achieved by being SAFE!!! Do what the author say’s and experience life in all its gowns. Mark

  11. sammie

    Taryn, hello

    I to have many ambitions and am trying my hand at them… I guess the most important is the belief in yourself… When you are in an attitude of gratitude (even through the ruff stuff) things fall into place… Thank you for your lovely artical, I hit a bump in the road and due to your faith in yourself mine own is uplifted…

  12. Sandy

    I liked your story. That’s what I want to do-Travel & see the World. I turned down the only chance I had to do that with Mike.

  13. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Crazy as this sounds…’s true.

    The only regrets you will have towards the end of your life are the things you never tried or did.

    “””” I stood alone at midnight in the middle of a foreign city with no one around to help me figure out food, shelter and resources. I managed that and much more, alone. Very little seems all that intimidating any more””””

    I understand the above quote, because I have walked that same path……it takes courage at first because it is a bit daunting and downright scary…..but it’s well worth it.

    And soon you will discover , that the more you step outside of your comfort zone, the fear leaves you, and you are not afraid to try anything new ………and succeed .

    The world takes on a new look and becomes a grand adventure….or as the saying goes, you soon learn that ” the world is your oyster “.


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