DreamCast: Heal the Rift and Grow

Forgive Them and Yourself

Helene in Plantation, Florida writes:

While walking up a hill near my childhood church, I noticed my estranged brother walking down the hill, erratically throwing away bundles of money while agonizing over a pending eviction. I picked up the money and stuffed it in a paper bag to keep for his wife, who was driving up the hill.

Hello Helene,

Dreaming of money can reveal your attitude about prosperity, or it can symbolize something else that you value. Your dream offers some clues about what that might be…

The church indicates a spiritual lesson within the dream, but it’s not an easy one because you’re walking uphill. Your brother walking downhill suggests he is not getting the lesson. So what are you both learning, exactly?

“Be kind and forgiving of yourself. We are all human, and we all make mistakes.” – Psychic Rivers ext. 5273

Your estrangement from your brother is the main focus, so I think his throwing away the cash reveals something significant about his relationship with you. For instance, do you feel he has carelessly thrown away your value as his sister? Does he disregard your feelings or ideas? Or perhaps it’s more literal in that you have a problem with him over money. And are you considering “evicting” him from your life? Whatever the issue is, the fact that there are bundles of cash suggests that it’s an important matter for you.

Hiding the money may indicate some shame—his and/or yours—over the problem in your relationship. Perhaps it’s time to heal the rift with your brother, even if it’s a one-sided healing on your part. Forgiveness can be a great place to start.

“As we mature, we begin to heal our family history.  Our perspectives alter through forgiveness and we begin to let go of long standing grievances.” – Psychic Faith ext. 9608

Sweet dreams,


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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Heal the Rift and Grow

  1. Mark Taylor UK

    Well they say that the Freuds theories about dreams are connected to our daily lives, what has happened or is happening relates to a dream albeit maybe strange or fragmented, he found the connection, some dream books were written as long ago as the early 1900 s are still in use today! I had one the other night, I was by a river, (probably fishing for cat fish with Pychic Rose! ) and I came across this floating house a bit like a Japanese house, My ex wife was sat chatting to a female friend and acknowledged me, as I came on to the house I realised there was a Alligator following me! I was under threat and being followed more but never got into conflict with it, however I felt the thin line of safety and danger. I did feel I could probably win the conflict if it came to that however the fear was overwhelming if I allowed it!……….. What was that about? So I did a dream look up on the internet, it related too a rebirth for me in a spiritual way and was a signal of change, however I have to keep my wits about me! GREAT !!!!

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    As somebody who also does dream analysis, Cortney,

    I’m always impressed by your articles on dream analysis…..you really know your stuff !!


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