Signs You Need to Make a Major Life Change

Signs You Need to Make a Major Life Change | California Psychics

Change is in the Air

Change is hard, but in life, change is also inevitable. There are changes that life imposes on us, forcing us to respond accordingly, and then there are the changes we make to, hopefully, take our lives in a more fulfilling direction. While change can be just what we need, knowing when to make a change can be hard. Often when we need to make a big life change we can feel paralyzed at the thought, or worry that we’ll be unable to get out of our current situation. Look inside yourself and use the following four signs to discover if now is the time for you to work toward a major shift for the better.

You Feel Stuck

It’s normal to feel a bit trapped from time to time. You may experience decision paralysis or feel like you’re in a situation you can’t easily untangle yourself from, whether it’s a job or a relationship. But feeling perpetually stuck is a completely different animal. When you feel downright imprisoned in your own life, it’s time to make a change. Sometimes, even just taking some small, concrete steps in another direction can be enough to help unstick yourself, so to speak. For instance: If you’re feeling trapped by your job, sign up for a class or certification you need to change careers or qualify yourself for a different position. If you don’t like where you live, change your surroundings by clearing out junk and items you don’t need (something you would need to do anyway if you were to move.) Taking action, any action, is the first step.

You Feel Unhappy

Feeling stuck is uncomfortable. Feeling unhappy can be demoralizing. Think about the last time you really laughed out loud or felt a sense of lightness as you went about your day. If those seem like bygone memories, you’re in need of a major change to get yourself back on the road toward happiness. Talking with a trusted friend or relative, or a licensed therapist or psychic, can help you define what in your life is bringing you down—as well as encourage you to find your way back to the light.

You’re Not Taking Time for Self-Care

If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t be your best self—and you certainly won’t have the capacity to show up for others. When self-care falls by the wayside, this is a signal that you’ve given up on the person who should matter the most… yourself. Think about the last time you truly did something for you (not out of obligation, because you felt like you should or because you wanted to impress other people). If you’re having a hard time remembering when you took time out for yourself, you know it’s time to shake out of that tired routine and make yourself a true priority.

You’ve Lost Your Passion

If the one thing that usually makes you tick doesn’t do it for you anymore, whether it’s your drive to volunteer, your weekly pottery class, or your penchant for whipping up gourmet meals at home, then it’s time to make a major change. In short, you know things aren’t working for you when what you’ve lost is what you’re passionate about. Take a break from whatever activity or outlet used to bring you joy, rather than going through the motions, and seek out new avenues of inspiration. Once you make a major life change, you may consider adding your passion back into the mix or you may find that you need something new all together.

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