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Communication and Relationship Success | California Psychics

Numerology and Communication

In October 2019, communication is key. 2019 adds up to the number 3 in numerology: 2+0+1+9 = 12. 1+2 = 3. 3 is all about communicating, socializing, and learning. When you add Mercury in Scorpio on October 3, this intensifies every word, thought, and feeling.

Astrology’s Role

Mars enters Libra on October 4, meaning the God of War moves in with the Goddess of Love, (Venus rules Libra.) This energy can result in a great deal of love strife, or it can take you both to greater heights of passion than ever before. Relationships of all kinds, be they short or long-term, will be affected. This energy will transform some connections, end others, and propel many into powerful unions.

Uranus in Taurus (all through October) means the rebel planet of electrifying transformation fuses with the earthy, peaceful, but often stubborn–and therefore usually resistant to change–sign of the Bull. Either Uranus in Taurus will blast through old, stuck attitudes and relationships like dynamite, or it will bring great enlightenment and grounding to what you are meant to hold onto in your life.

How Communicating Can Create Change

Because communication is key now, it can create many changes, whether intentional or not. Remember to think before you speak and do your best to avoid being impulsive. This is a good time to actively create needed change in your relationships, before the Universe does it for you.

Let’s look at some examples: Sudden dead silence can drive a normally sane person a bit mad, compelling them to repeatedly call or text a lover over and over again, and that reaction is pretty understandable. But sometimes it’s just that a significant other has stopped being as attentive in communicating as they once were. A lover might appear to be pulling away, which of course can cause severe pain and stress, and maybe even panic. This can create desperation in some people, which may trigger aggressively going after their lover, and driving them further away.

It’s Not a Game

A better way to deal with this might be to mirror the heartbreaking offender. To do this, if your other half is ignoring your texts, emails, or calls, try going completely quiet, too. When you go radio silent, this could well have the effect of making your lover wonder what’s going on and finally reach out to you. Often though, people who are given this advice will announce that they aren’t into “playing games.” But it’s important for to realize that it’s not playing games, it’s teaching others how to treat you.

This example of an intuitive counseling session (minus any names or identifying characteristics) further illustrates how communication can be used to make or break a relationship. In a reading given to a woman, she felt her boyfriend had been behaving thoughtlessly, often ignoring her increasingly frequent attempts to reach out to him. Her anger and frustration grew as lately, she felt that he would call her only when he wanted something, and he would go inexplicably quiet for days at a time between reaching out to her. After a week of zero response from him, she called a psychic reader for insight and advice.

Her reader understood well how distressed her client was and fully agreed that her boyfriend’s behavior was confusing and painful. There were indications that her boyfriend had sometimes seemed to take her for granted. The psychic knew that this kind of behavior might mean it was time for her client to shut the door on this man. But the reading indicated that in spite of his hurtful lack of communication, her boyfriend wasn’t harboring any malicious intent. In fact, her boyfriend really did care about her, but he had gone inward while trying to figure out where he wanted their relationship to go. No other woman was present. The advice was that if the client went radio silent, her boyfriend would rethink his relationship with her and come back within three to five days to try again. She listened and then abruptly announced that she did not like “playing games.”

The reader explained that games had nothing to do with it, and that her silence would be about mirroring, and therefore subtly teaching her boyfriend how to treat her–creating change–in addition to making him begin to worry about losing her and result in his reaching out.

The woman claimed she agreed, but then promptly blew up her boyfriend’s phone, leaving messages accusing him of cheating on her, drove past his home at all hours, and even demanded his friends tell her his whereabouts. She then came back for another reading a few days later wondering why her boyfriend hadn’t responded to her at all by then.

It’s Not Always What You Think, But…

If a lover becomes abruptly uncommunicative, it doesn’t always mean the worst, but it is of course incredibly rude, insensitive, inconsiderate, thoughtless, and unkind behavior, and might make one reconsider whether or not this is the type of partner they want in their life. This is especially true if the other is just being mean, spiteful, and controlling. And if it was an act of cowardice such as ghosting? Well then, good riddance. Change has just created room for true love, including loving communication, to come in.

There’s nothing worse than romantic uncertainty, but you don’t have to navigate the ebbs and flows of love alone. A love psychic is always available to help and a psychic love reading is exactly what you need to get your relationship on the path to forever.

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