Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot: September 29 – October 5

Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot: September 29-October 5 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Last night I dreamt about mathematician and astrologer Guido Bonatti. He asked me for a Tarot reading with a hesitant flush of something I couldn’t quite comprehend. He confided in me that he was struggling with a private matter involving a lady of high rank. Although she was rich and beautiful, he had no time for such nonsense due to his heavy focus on how to calculate midpoints for timing astrological election charts.

I nodded sympathetically. I asked him which deck he’d prefer me to use and all of a sudden we were walking into the playing card collection at Yale University! The only problem was that it was the wrong century. Oh, well, I thought, we can defy time and space in dreams, after all. Offering his arm, we mounted the steps and entered a hushed vault where a glass case of the world’s most highly prized esoterica is housed.

Guido led me directly to the Cary-Yale Visconti Tarocchi, the favored deck of the Visconti ruling family of the middle ages, currently housed in the Yale collection. The curator, suddenly appearing, opened the glass with a gloved hand, handing the deck to me with a slight smile and a nod. Then he turned discreetly away and we began the reading at a small corner table by a window, using the deck designed by Stuart Kaplan, with a fascinating history of Tarot by Thierry Depaulis enclosed.

Let’s see what this deck has to tell us about the week ahead!

September 29 – Sunday

Male Knight of Coins

This depiction of the Knight of Coins (Pentacles) shows a figure which has everything pleasant about youth and maturity at the same time. He is studious, methodical, reliable, patient, persistent, and organized. He is featured on the card as a youth who holds a large coin containing a sunburst. The card tells us today to aim for a balance of wisdom and youthful optimism. This card can signify one of our companions or a love interest we might be considering. If this strikes true of someone you desire as a future mate, go for it! Let the flashier “knights” go by, because this one is a winner. The card’s message is: Proceed with confidence, balancing youthful enthusiasm with mature discretion.

September 30 – Monday

Wheel of Fortune

This card reveals the life cycle in a way that is unique to this tarot deck. The human figures on various rungs of the ferris wheel range from the reign of youth to the state of total dispossession in extreme old age. The serene female figure in the center represents the Soul. She is unaffected by the changing state of the personality in the external world. She wears the Visconti sunbursts on her dress representing regality and divine nonchalance. This is a day to keep the soul’s perspective at the forefront of our minds even though outward changes show drastic and sudden changes of fortunes. Wherever we are now, we’ll inevitably be somewhere else, eventually. Life promises us that.

October 1 – Tuesday

Two of Swords

We may feel “bound and gagged” by a situation today. It looks bleak but the card tells us that the problem is more minor than we may think or know. The chains that bind us really aren’t that tight, but are pretty easy to slip out of, if we just realize it. Diplomacy will be called for and it will free us. Be honest but tactful at the same time. Things are going to get better very quickly if we do.

October 2 – Wednesday

Female Knight of Staves

This card points to a change of surroundings either by travel or by moving house. In this picture the Female Knight wears an elegant blue robe and is crowned. This tells us today that the change will be beneficial. It indicates a “yes” answer if we are considering a trip or a change of residence. Although the unknown can seem scary, this card tells us to take the plunge into the new situation. We will emerge in a good position, “ruling” the changes in a positive way.

October 3 – Thursday

Male Page of Cups

The Page is the messenger for the House of Visconti and wears their dress. He is bound to a certain code of honor. He is studious and helpful and seeks to be of service. A situation today calls us into a role of service. It will be a good idea to accept. The Page’s hand is raised in a blessing and tells us that we will be blessed by being loyal to, and solving a problem for, someone important to us today. It is a good day to remember that we will be remembered only by the problems we solve or those we create.

October 4 – Friday

Female Knight of Coins (Reversed)

The upright meaning of this card reveals courage, common sense, practicality, and order. The Female Knight wears a gold gown with the rich green trim of earthy groundedness. She brings good results by right actions. She promotes peace which is shown by the three doves on her gown. What does the reversal in this case mean? If a situation arises today where we are going to take an action of any kind which is not from the better part of us, let’s think twice. The Page says to us that to do the next best thing will bring rewards. (Guido nodded and gazed into the distance.)

October 5 – Saturday

The Empress

The Empress is depicted seated on a throne with four female attendants. She is characterized by delicacy and power combined. Her clothing is elegant and she has taken on the domain of leadership. One of her attendants wears a gown with bursting suns and appears to be the High Priestess of the Tarot. The card today speaks of women empowered in the highest ranks of leadership. The card tells us today that action taken will result in attainment and accomplishment. It is a day to aim high and take action toward a long held goal.

Guido rose and bowed politely, picking up his hat from the table. He mentioned that he felt “ever so much clearer.” He exited discreetly through a side door tipping his hat to the museum curator.

Then the dream ended.

A fun spread to try: A unique feature of this deck is that the three Cardinal virtues are included as trump cards in the Major Arcana. They are qualities from which good fortune seems to flow. They are as follows:

  • Faith (In the goodness of the Universe.)
  • Hope (The ability to see that the glass is, in fact, half full!)
  • Charity (The ability to love other sentient beings in a disinterested and impartial way) Clue: This usually will be those who can do nothing for us, i.e. children, animals, the poor, etc.

Pull the Faith, Hope, and Charity cards from the Major Arcana of the deck. Mix them up face down on a table and close your eyes. Focus on an issue which surfaces in your mind. The first one to come to consciousness is usually the best one.

Ask: Which of these qualities do I need to cultivate to help remedy this situation, keeping in mind that my attitudes and actions are not the whole problem but maybe some part of it? Draw one of the three cards. Turn it over and look at the imagery as it relates to our issue. Contemplate what change the card is asking us to make. Think about what that would concretely look like. Thank the Universe for the insight.

Thanks for joining me this week. See you again soon, I hope!

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