Psychic on Psychic: Remove Fear to Grow

Marin ext. 5113 in Conversation With Peyton ext. 5312

When Peyton ext. 5312 picked up the phone, I could feel her burst of energy and positivity on the other end of the line. I was fortunate to get that chance to speak with her late that evening since she had been on the phone for several hours, and I was her last caller, patiently waiting for her. According to her posted schedule, she should have logged off already, but her guide had told her to “stay on for this one last call,” and I was glad she did. Even after a long shift, she was full of energy, vibrant and eager to answer my questions.

Peyton is one of those rare psychics you immediately connect with, allowing me to feel completely at ease. She spoke to me in girlfriend dialogue, candidly with laughter and warmth. I told her some of my concerns surrounding career, more specifically feeling like I’ve been pulled in many different directions with a much appreciated but suddenly overwhelming increase in business. I was struggling to balance it all: marriage, kids, career, caring for extended family members, volunteer positions, and the day-to-day rat race.

I wasn’t enjoying this feeling of my life drifting into the more mundane lifestyle as I struggled to keep spiritually grounded. I’m sure that there are many reading this article that can relate to this same feeling of overwhelmedness.

Peyton chuckled as she identified with my emotions: “Girl, you are speaking my language!” Peyton picked up my career path as an intuitive healer, and since our energies were mirror images of one another, she could easily tap into my career path and the direction in which it was headed. It was as if my guides drew me to specifically call her and seek her advice, since we are on such similar paths. She keenly identified the necessary changes that I would be adopting in 2012, which included establishing boundaries regarding my energy and paying close attention to new clients that may be coming, as I will be drawing in a new audience.

She also unveiled an area of growth that would be welcomed: “Do you realize how strong your mediumship abilities are? Well, they are only getting stronger this year!” 2012 will prove to be the most rewarding and most balanced years I have experienced with regards to career and personal life. Peyton’s translation being that in becoming a more balanced individual, I will be more mentally present in all aspects of my life, and in better service to my clients.

I was appreciative of Peyton’s concise strategy that her guides delivered to her, allowing me to focus on simple key phrases to aid me in my growth. Her three-step personal plan of attack was:

– Letting go
– Reorganizing
– Simplifying

After my uplifting reading, upon closing remarks of appreciation, Peyton had asked: “What drew you to speak with me this evening?” This question was generated by her curiosity in how synchronistic our lives were and how well we paired during the reading. It was at that time that I revealed to her who I was, a fellow psychic on the line, and that I truly respected the advice she offered. After her comment of “I knew it… I knew this was you,” followed by feelings of validation and joy, she expressed her appreciation of me choosing to read with her and the bond we share. The pleasure was equally mine!

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6 thoughts on “Psychic on Psychic: Remove Fear to Grow

  1. Peyton x5312

    Thanks to my fellow Psychics for all your kind words! Marin, your the best!! Thanks for this opportunity. Love Peyton x5312

  2. Abigail X9570

    Marin lovely article about your experience with Peyton 😉 Great job Peyton

    Many Blessings lovely ladies


  3. misskrystal

    It was a delight to meet you both, Marin & Peyton, last month. I was very impressed with both of you. I really love these types of articles. Marin, you do such a wonderful job. I love the way you write these up. I am sure you had a wonderful time getting a reading from Miss Peyton, she is truly one of a kind! God Bless both of you, peace and huggies.
    Cheers, Miss Krystal

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    i just love these articles – marin how blessed are you – nice gig!

    i had the pleasure of reading for peyton a few months ago. she is an incredible person. and i get exactly how you felt getting a reading from her.
    she gives as good as she gets.
    thank you marin.
    love you peyton.


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