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We have all heard the phrase “a mother’s intuition,” but what happens when our intuition is challenged? Who can relate to concerns regarding matters so important and precious concerning our children? Who do you trust for this unique form of insight? Girlfriends are a great support system for swapping child-related stories and parenting tips. Licensed therapists can offer a legitimate source of information for matters concerning crisis and emotional and psychological welfare of children. But what about a simple check-in? When I’m just curious to know if my son is headed in the right direction, and if not, how can I steer him back onto his soul’s path? It takes a psychic to get into this area of depth.

Even though I am an intuitive myself, known in my community as “The Psychic Soccer Mom,” the closeness of our mother-son relationship can make it difficult for me to know that I am accurately reading him. Especially, since I have a personal interest in his development and my familiar parenting approach. What is best for me, perhaps is not best for him.

Recently it was my son’s seventh birthday, and I decided to call a psychic for a birthday reading for this year ahead regarding my son. How could I best parent him and assist his development over the coming year? Hoping that there may be situations a psychic could pinpoint without any information from me, seeking an unprompted reading, I decided to call Josie, at extension 5520, a psychic that has a reputation for specializing in situations concerning children.

Josie identified all the silly personality traits my younger son exhibits, and she also immediately commented on the fact that she saw a soul companionship, this being with my older son, who is 11 years of age. She chuckled, and commented that “Boy, you have you hands full!” Just when I thought I had parenting figured out… Along came child number two, and the system I had in place was ineffective. I am sure there are many parents that can relate to this feeling. How can two children, from the same upbringing, with the same parents, be completely opposite? Well, even though I know the answer to this, in terms of our soul qualities and astrological influences, it still makes me shake my head in disbelief. My boys are complete opposites! Josie accurately described their personalities, their hobbies, how they are perceived by their peers, and even got to the core of their emotional security shaped by their personal values.

As Josie recognized their extremely opposite traits, she was quick to interject that those opposite traits do attract. They are the best of friends. She described their precious bond. They respect one another and value the support, because they intuitively realize that the other sibling has the confidence in areas that they may lack. They are quite the support system.

Josie’s perspective on parenting was important, and I valued her description of life as a child growing up in a psychic household. And how that impacted and shaped her into the person she has become. With the information she gave me, I ended the call feeling a sense of relief and pride as a parent. I was armed with a road map showing a few detours I would be taking over the course of this year to strengthen their natural abilities. First on the list is to resume piano lessons… a gift she saw in my son. Then stern disciple to prevent him from slipping into his “too big for his britches” habit of back-talking, consistent bed times and plenty of book reading time to foster his abilities as a writer that she saw developing. Perhaps, I have a musician or a writer, blossoming right before my eyes… Time will tell, but in the meantime, I have Psychic Josie to keep me aligned in my role as his mother.


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