Psychic Chastity: Unveiling the Path Forward

Psychic Chastity ext. 5403 Shares Her Success

Chastity ext. 5403 is an inspirational tarot card reader who can help you face challenges head on and achieve greater success in your life. By hearing you say your name, date of birth and question, she is able to connect with your energy and channel the answers you seek. Quick meditation, as well as visual cues she receives during the reading provide additional confirmation of the messages she’s receiving. Chastity shares the information that she receives psychically and then helps you discover the next step in bringing about your dreams. Her years of experience as an educator and coach make Chastity ext. 5403 an excellent communicator who is able to assist you in identifying opportunities for growth in your life and help you achieve your goals.

We sat down to ask her about her successes with clients, and got some great answers!

“I had a client who was trying to sell her home. Her husband was out of work, and we’d been working on this for six months. I predicted to the day when her husband got his job, which was even better than his past job. They were able to move and buy their dream house, and while waiting they actualy got their new house for a much lower price. Now they have somebody coming in wanting to pay their house off with cash. I kept seeing that the house was going to go to the right people. Financially, they’re coming out much, much better.

“Another client wasn’t paying attention to her long term boyfriend while her mother was ailing. She’d shifted focus to her family and wasn’t paying attention to him as much. It fractured the relationship; he stopped speaking to her. When we started working together, I gave her techniques to help work with him. One of those was like a “plus plus minus plus” letter, where she gave a heartfelt apology and let him know how she really felt and apologized. Now they’re back together again. It took about a month or so, but they’re dating again and going strong. That was the love of their life.

“Another young woman contacted me regarding a breakup with her boyfriend, who was going overseas, and changed dramatically and stopped speaking to her for no reason. I told her that once he leaves the States she’d hear from him, and after a few weeks when he settles he’d contact her again and they’d start to move forward. They’re having their reunion when he comes home in April. They were headed for marriage and he just pulled all the plugs because of his fear, fear of the military, being separate and thinking he needed to have a persona of strength.”

What are her areas of expertise?

“I’m very good at reading for work situations. Also dealing with breakups—the “should I stay or go” dance. It’s totally your choice, wanting to stay with somebody because you love them, but also accepting the situation as it is, not demanding change, because a lot of times the other person isn’t willing to make the changes. Can you handle disconnecting from that person so you can find the right person, someone you’re more positively attuned with?

“Another thing I do is mediumship, speaking to people who have crossed. With mediumship, it’s important to understand that the other person has transitioned positively to a better place. They’ll speak frankly and give messages that can bring healing and understanding.

“My style of readings is really all about what needs to come through, whether it’s channeled, life advice, angelic messages, messages from their guides. Whatever they need to know is usually what comes through.

“Good times to call are when you’re ready to make life changes or ask bigger life questions, and you need clarity so that you can make decisions. These are great times to call so that you have all the answers you need to make the strongest decision.”

What can Chastity ext. 5403 see for you?

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5 thoughts on “Psychic Chastity: Unveiling the Path Forward

  1. Stacey - in the Sunshine!

    I greatly enjoyed the talks we have had in the past. You are quite talented in your work of healing and guidance. Above you mention “Unveiling The Path Forward,” what do you recommend for growing a closer connection with the universe? I have been really struggling with the decisions (path) in my life, frankly, I am VERY confused. It is the “should I stay or should I go,” questions. I want to ensure I am in line with the universe and not push against the grain. Nothing feels right. Because you seem full of love and the light, what are your suggestions for finding clear direction and removing the white noise? Is it about asking the right questions, timing, or just having a deeper connection? I wonder… Am I on a different wave length?!!! LOL!

    P.S. Everyone Should Read With Chastity! You will love her.

  2. Robert, the Scorp

    This was a good article, Chastity. Thanks for letting me know about it, last night on call. Aquarians are the best! For anyone else reading, Chastity has been accurate, and I believe that she has a gift.

    I still feel positive about Chad, and I hope that everything works out between us. Love ya, girl. Have an amazing day!

  3. Chastity X5403

    Dear IR,

    Sorry I missed your call and I so appreciate your kind words. I would love to read for you in the future when you feel you would like another reading. Possibly put in for a callback and ask customer service if they could give me a call to come online. Also, I am on during the day every weekend.

    Best to you!


  4. IR

    I love everything about you. I have been listening to your videos, reading your articles, and have been trying to connect with you for the past 3 weeks. It is difficult because you’re in the West and I am on Central time. I am not alone during those hours that you are available. I am available during the day and you are not. Everthing was clear for me on Monday, my husband went out of town, and you took the day off. Is it that we are not meant to connect! I talked to another Psychic, it was good. I enjoyed talking to her. Now, I am reading your article and feel like maybe I should have waited. I hope I will be able to connect with you in the near future.

  5. Hunter X5507

    Psychic Chastity is amazing I love her so much! I have had the pleasure of getting to know her at CP headquarters. She is a gifted psychic and when we read together it was so much fun!

    I love you Chastity!


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