Do You Keep Running Away From Commitment?

Sometimes it’s a very subtle process that we use to keep from “feeling” too much. We can convince ourselves of almost anything, if the fear is great enough. Most of the time, it’s a pretty subconscious decision, but you can start to see patterns and realize that there are times you feel yourself “shutting down.” My training in hypnosis taught me that our brains are miraculous… Truly, once we decide “something hurts,” we can and will avoid it, at all costs, until we break the old decisions to do so, in our heads. Get personalized advice from a psychic!

Why are You Alone?

Here are some questions that might help you:

1. Does it seem that you hit a “point” where you start pulling back and you don’t know why?

2. Do you focus on the differences instead of the similarities?

3. Do you find you “can’t quite put your finger on” why you want out?

4. After they’re gone do you start to question your reasons?

5. Does this same pattern happen again and again?

6. Do you have trouble finding someone “that really excites you?”

7. Do you find things wrong with them from the first encounter?

These are all questions that may apply here and there to most. If you answered yes to all of them, it’s really time to get inside your own head and see what’s going on. As a psychic with training in human behavior, I see that many of us have a false sense of who we are and what our motivations are. When working with my clients, I, as well as many of the psychics at California Psychics, help get to the bottom of where you are at! If you’re confused, that’s where I would start.

Love is scary. It’s being raw and vulnerable, it’s letting someone see and know you, and being fearful that they won’t like what they see is a big part of that. However, it also elevates you above the mundane, allows you to pursue a deeper understanding of spirit, of being connected to another. It allows us to feel so much more deeply the happiness and joys in this life. There is a richness to a spiritual and healthy love that is well worth facing your fears and standing open armed and strong.

Many of us are wounded from childhoods that were either abusive or just did not nurture our self-esteems. We are not sure we can do this, to be brave, and stand in vulnerability. Yet, if you realize that the other person standing with you is doing the exact same thing… it does become easier, and therein is the answer – find someone willing to be vulnerable with you as well.

Once you have identified that you have some badly recorded “tapes” in your head, seek out counseling to help you understand them and “re-write” them into real guidelines and boundaries to find a healthy and spiritually connected lover. It’s never too late to be happy!

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3 thoughts on “Do You Keep Running Away From Commitment?

  1. patricia

    commitment heals fears!!!It builds confidences..and it makes you get out of your comfort zone…i’m really starting to try harder to commit to more things…even if i don’t want to!! CHEERS TO ALL!!! HAPPY N HEALTHY 2015…

  2. Jan Shah

    Amen to that Gina Rose, you just wrote something so wonderful and so true. Someone told me that in life, its the journey that matters and what you do along the journey and how you learn those lessons that matter, not the end goal.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article Yemaya !!!!

    As in life, so it is in relationships, in that there is risk involved in everything we do. Better to have lived and loved, than to never have lived at all.

    We take a risk everytime we start a new job, or move to a new location, or make a new friend, or start a new relationship,…..or, heck , everytime we get into our car to drivedown the freeway for that matter…LOL….but it’s when we take a chance, take that risk, and it all works out beautifully…..THAT’s where the payoff is.

    But, you have to overcome your fears first….don’t allow your fears to cripple and paralyze you into living an unfullfilled life.

    That is when calling a psychic can help calm your fears and help point you in the right direction to begin with , before starting your new venture, whether it be a job, a relationship, a move, etc….

    Life should be treated as an adventure….filled with joys, and discoveries, not filled with fear.


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