Gossip: A Dagger to the Heart

Don’t Let Rumors Bring Out the Green-Eyed Monster

We have gossip columns and whole newspapers along with websites that are all about gossip. Not to mention our afternoons around the table at our friends’ house on Saturday dishing out not only the food but also the gossip of the week. By the way, men gossip too.

Relationships are very fragile to begin with; it makes me so sad when I get a caller who heard some gossip about the love of their life and the information, be it true or false, is tearing them apart.

How do we handle gossip, how do we handle the aftermath of finding out that the gossip is true, or false, after we accused our loved one of the deed? One of the biggest gossip topics is who is having sex with who. Honestly, how can someone gossip about who you or your lover is having sex with unless they were there with you or your lover? Therefore, when someone says I heard that your lover is having sex with someone else, consider that that person might be the one they are having sex with. Let’s face it, coming out of a restaurant or seeing someone in a car together does not make for a sexual escape. People do favors for each other all the time and take a work friend out to lunch from time to time as well. No harm no foul, yet a major upset when you find out that your lover was with another person, no matter what they were doing.

Gossip can be fun; it can give us a look into human nature, about not only the person being talked about but also the person doing the talking. It gives way to our imagination.

On the other hand, it can be very hurtful and damaging to a relationship. There have been times where I said, “Your partner is having more fun in your head then in real life.”

Gossip factors into our doubts and fears, sometimes these doubts and fears have come from past relationships or ever past life experiences.

Many rumors started by gossip have left couples in shambles. The people who are talking have no way to repair the hurt, leaving those hurt to find their own way back to peace of mind.

Social networking, oh my, this can really screw up your head. People that are good with the computer can make pictures and share information that is false and damaging. I get calls all the time where the guy has a girl on his lap at a local bar. Or of a girl kissing a guy outside a club. These pictures are worth a thousand gossip words and in reality are not what they seem to be.

When someone tells you something about your loved one first look at the person who it is coming from, are they accountable? Do they gossip about other people all the time?

Do you trust them?

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One thought on “Gossip: A Dagger to the Heart

  1. Jan Shah

    i avoid people who gossip like a plague cause if they can talk about someone else that badly surely i will be next in line for the bitter tongue. People usually gossip cause their own life’s are so empty that they have to look into someone else life and make waves. When information is to come to me, the universe always finds a way to bring me clarity and l i love the psychics here on CP as they have been so helpful when i need an extra hand in understanding a situation.


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