Past Lives Lead to New Future

When I first started calling Psychic Abigail, it was for something other than my job. Just for fun while chatting with her, I asked her if I could change my career. She said ‘absolutely’ but it was up to me to make the moves. She did’t lecture me on the state of the economy being bad but she did say to get with a recruiter to put my feelers out there. I had posted my resume but did not go to a recruiter, I felt like I  had no time.

As time went by I was becoming resentful of my work because it was taking so much of my time. Working until 10pm left me exhausted and unable to maintain my home. The negativity surrounding the type of work I was doing made  me feel like it was petty and unfulfilled. Our department was downsized and my workload doubled along with the other girls so delegation was not an option.  February came and it all hit me at once. My water heater started leaking, the zones in my heaters were blocked and my pellet stove gave out all at once! I fell into a depression and  had so much anxiety about even setting foot into my job. I needed to take care of my house but more importantly, I needed to take care of myself!

My soul needed help so I rang Abigail. I asked her what my life path should be because I knew I was not supposed to be at my jobanymore. She took a look into my past lives and told me she saw me as a Shaman in a few lives as well as a girl that would gather herbs. I was meant to be a healer in this life too. She told me to listen to my higher self and make sure I was journaling about where I wanted to be and to look for signs from my guides. Well, I did just that and then it came to me – Holistic Healing! The sky was the limit but where to start? I did some online research, being a logical person I needed something grounded and well established to start with so I started looking into massage therapy.

Meanwhile, a friend called me and asked me to attend a meeting with her about how to find out your life’s purpose. Would you believe the hosts were our town’s Holistic Health Alliance? Everything took off from there! Anything and everything holistic was coming my way! I updated Abigail on my research and she told me to keep going because she could see me surrounded by people with the same ideas and mindset coming around late May to early June.

I received a call from the company I worked for and they asked me to come in for a meeting. I got a severance package to review and the meeting was peaceful with smiles and hugs. I have since cleaned out my desk and wished everyone well on my way out. I have also attended an open house, workshop and enrolled in a massage therapy school … I start May 18!

I find we always feel like we can handle everything alone but this can make us become withdrawn and inverted. I was too proud to ask for help. I had to do some soul searching and thankfully, Abigail was that beacon of light telling me to hang on and that home was not far away. Each call I made to her was uplifting and encouraging. Words are not enough for her continued support and guidance through a very tough time in my life. I am so excited about my new life and the future!

Casey Josselyn (a CP customer!)

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  4. Abigailx9570

    Oh Gina Rose it is time to release the Cracken LOL 🙂 …’s my silly mantra and I love the Greek methology so its right up my ally as a kid I never missed a Hercules movie …big hugs to you

    Many Blessings

  5. balancedesires

    Hi Abigail!

    I am so happy that I am weepy right now! Just seeing this published on here, you deserve it, thank you for showing me who I am really suppose to be in this life! Here is an update for you, I just became certified in Reiki yesterday & will most likely be assisting cancer patients at a cancer center for a few hours a week. The certification class is guess where? At the very place you & I both spoke of that would keep passing as I drove by!! Both ladies that run the center do it all & one of them is a Reverend!! My boyfriend had never had a session so I gave him one last night! Much love to you Abigail & hope you also have a wonderful visit with your mom! Balance, harmony & peace love!


  6. misskrystal

    wonderful article-great psychic/client connection.
    congrats abigail you helped this client make a big change…for the better. you got her out of “stuck” fantastic job-
    miss krsytal


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