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Sophie in Los Angeles writes:

Recently my dad died, and I miss him terribly, but I know he’s up there looking over me. One day I was feeling very anxious and shaky, I was supposed to have a phone interview with my professor. I was walking to my car and randomly thought about my dad. I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask him to help me relax. I waited on hold for 30 minutes, but the professor never showed. While I was in my car, I focused on breathing properly and was watching the trees sway in the wind — it was very pretty. I gave up on the professor and got out of my car. I saw a piece of a Lavender bush behind the back tire of my car. There’s no lavender anywhere around (this is a parking lot in Hollywood, mind you). It was very noticeable so I don’t think it was there before I got into the car. Maybe it’s a sign of something? Is my dad my Spirit Guide now, or was this a message from another guide I don’t know about? I don’t know what lavender could mean, but I thought I’d ask you!

Dear Sophie,

First, thanks for inviting me to meet your dad. He’s such a big, huggable sweetie! He’s also obviously creative, clever and original, and clearly can already get messages to you any time, anywhere.

Also, in addition to helping you meditate lightly, he couldn’t have selected a better herb to help you soothe away nerves and shakiness next time. Lavender is good for so many things, but it is best known for its ability to reduce stress, anxiety and exhaustion, whether you make a tea from its fresh or dried flowers, use them to stuff a sleep pillow, or inhale the fragrance of lavender essential oil using a few drops on a cotton ball or a room-filling diffuser.

It’s also a very popular ingredient for spiritual energy-clearing smudge sticks, burned along with sage, cedar and/or sweet grass, and it helps develop Clairvoyance … so you can actually see your dad and talk to him rather than depending on sometimes-indecipherable signs and symbols.

Your dad went to all that trouble to hunt up some lavender and put it where you’d be sure to see it because he wants you to include lavender’s many spiritual and healing properties in your daily life. You might start with fresh or dried stalks in a vase, especially on your altar or entryway, and some essential oil drops on cotton balls in a baggie kept handy in your purse.

And, yes, your dad will be your Spirit Guide from now on, closely and lovingly watching over you, his special girl, and helping your several other Guides communicate with you more effectively. Just keep asking for his help.

Many blessings on the next stages of your journey, Sophie!

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