How to Overcome Self-Doubt

How to Overcome Self-Doubt | California Psychics

Recognizing Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is toxic. When we routinely question our own strengths and abilities, we miss opportunities, sabotage success, and find ourselves on a hamster wheel of frustration and despair. Fortunately, there is a lot that we can do to recognize and confront self-doubt in our lives, freeing ourselves to be all that we are capable of being.

What is Self-Doubt?

Self-doubt is a state of feeling incapable and unworthy of good things, such as career success, healthy relationships, and prosperity. When we harbor-self doubt, we risk remaining in negative patterns, relationships, and circumstances. Because we question whether we are capable of accomplishing good things, or whether we even deserve to do so, we hold ourselves back and fail to achieve our goals.

Identifying Self-Doubt

Interestingly, self-doubt can manifest itself in different and sometimes contradictory ways. For example, self-doubt in some people shows up as a tendency to quit when a job, project, or relationship gets difficult. We figure that we lack the skills or abilities to work through problems and walk away from something that might have benefitted us if we had been a bit more patient, resourceful, and persistent. 

On the other hand, self-doubt can also leave us trapped in an unhealthy situation because we doubt that we can or even deserve to do better. One example of this type of self-doubt is a person who is working a dead-end job for a company that treats them (and other workers) badly, but refuses to even begin looking for new employment because they feel that they are incapable of doing anything else for a living.

Self-doubt almost always manifests itself as something that causes us to remain in a situation that is unsafe, unhealthy, or unpleasant. Our inability to see ourselves as capable or worthy causes us to make wrong choices that either keep us trapped or land us in even worse circumstances.

What Causes Self-Doubt?

Self-doubt can be caused by many things, including:

Childhood experiences: Unfortunately, parents, grandparents, and teachers can foster self-doubt in children through harsh criticism, inconsistent feedback, and, in some cases, refusing to allow a child to act independently. We can carry these experiences into adulthood as self-doubt.

Traumatic events: A traumatic event, such as the loss of a loved one, a serious accident, or being the victim of a crime can shake our identity to its very core. When this happens, we may find ourselves becoming more cautious and self-conscious. While these reactions are understandable, they can also lead us to resist taking risks and to question our ability to make good choices.

Bad relationships: Relationships should be positive and supportive. Sadly, it is sometimes our friends, relatives, and romantic partners who plant the seeds of self-doubt. This may be because they are jealous of us, or they may fear that we’ll abandon them after we become more successful.

4 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

  1. Don’t dwell on past failures: Dwelling on past failures can lead to a sense of pessimism about every new endeavor. Just because you failed at something in the past doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed in the future! 
  2. Watch the company you keep: Healthy relationships are open, honest, and respectful. If someone in your life is always talking down to you, even if they say it is because they are being “honest,” that person does not have your best interests at heart.
  3. Watch your self-talk: Sometimes we talk to ourselves in ways that we’d never allow another person to speak to us. If you call yourself names, engage in constant self-criticism, and harshly rebuke yourself for making honest mistakes, stop! Speak kindly to and about yourself.
  4. Take risks: Self-doubt is paralyzing. Getting past the paralysis is all about deciding to do something and going for it. Don’t worry about making mistakes along the way. Just move forward. Eventually, you’ll become more comfortable with taking risks, acknowledging errors, and working past them.

Self-Empowerment and Taking Charge

Moving from self-doubt to self-empowerment takes work. A consultation with a gifted reader may prove to be a useful tool as you transform your thoughts and choices. Call one of our Life Path Psychics today.

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