Developing Confidence and Overcoming Indecisiveness

Developing Confidence and Overcoming Indecisiveness | California Psychics

The Importance of Mindfulness

Making mindful decisions is important. Everyday decisions that can positively impact our lives might include what we eat for breakfast, spending our time on things that fulfill and bring us joy, and surrounding ourselves with people that are full of positive and peaceful energy. Equally important decisions we need to make may involve continuing education, our careers or trades, whether we want to have children, and who we want to share our lives with, if anyone.

These decisions can be sources of great stress if we are unclear of our desires, feel off-center, or are generally prone to indecisiveness. Our clearest decisions then, are made when we feel centered and confident about our goals. In order to center ourselves, we can decide to eat our recommended veggies and superfoods, move our bodies, and get plenty of rest; however, if we only focus on our physical needs, we are not fully addressing our mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. In order to live a more decisive life, your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs must be given as much weight as the physical.

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Where Does Indecisiveness Come From?

Being mindfully decisive is different from making decisions out of impulse or spontaneity. A hasty decision in the past that resulted in less than ideal circumstances may have contributed to fear or anxiety for the future. Perhaps you consider every possibility when faced with a choice and it overwhelms you, contributing to indecisiveness. If this is true, great! You have come to the right place. You’re an analytical individual who is capable of slowing down and training your mind to transform your anxious or fearful energy into mindful energy that will allow you to make decisions that are attuned to your truest desires.


One way to center yourself is through guided meditation. You can find a variety of guided meditations for almost every occasion on many streaming sites, including YouTube. There are guided meditations for positive energy, aligning your chakras, past-life regression, and even for indecisiveness. Meditation can help you locate the root of your indecisiveness by tapping into your intuition. By becoming less emotionally involved in your thought process and observing your stream of consciousness objectively, you can clear your mind of excess energy and can ask yourself what your desired outcome is. When you need to center yourself, this self-guided meditation from California Psychics is a good place to start.

Write Out Your Thoughts and Feelings

Another method that can be helpful is to write out your thoughts and feelings. While you think, your thoughts come fast and can move quickly to make connections to other thoughts, ideas, and possibilities. When you take the time to write your thoughts down, you are strengthening your mind’s ability to slow down and analyze the thoughts that you’ve managed to record.

Writing is similar to meditation in this way because you are better able to objectively analyze your thoughts when they are organized on paper. To engage in this activity and overcome indecisiveness, begin with these simple steps:

  1. Get yourself a pen or pencil and a piece of paper.
  2. Ask yourself what thoughts come to mind when you consider a decision that needs to be made.
  3. Write down every thought that comes out without judgement or pause.

What you will likely find after writing out your thoughts or possibilities is that you are already leaning towards a particular decision. This exercise provides you with the reassurance that by slowing down and thinking more deeply about each decision, you are more than capable of coming to a balanced, mature decision on your own.

Refocus on the Present

Have you ever looked so far down the road to your future that you lose sight of the present? There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about a grand future, but sometimes that can affect your ability to make decisions in the here and now. When you can picture how you want your life to look in 20 years’ time, but you’re not sure how to get there, indecisiveness can sneak up and take over your ability to plan the next necessary steps. By all means, keep your vision for your future with you at all times, but don’t let the vastness of that idea take your focus off of the numerous smaller, but vitally important decisions that you need to make now. Each journey begins with a single step, often with multiple roads to choose from. Indecisiveness in the present could put you on the wrong path for a while, or worse, freeze you in place.

Trust Yourself

Overcoming indecisiveness is not something that happens overnight, but that doesn’t mean you should lose hope. Confidence is something you work at and build with time in all aspects of your life, including in the mental. If you use these tools and still feel indecisive, remind yourself of the positive outcomes you’ve already achieved by using them, and trust that you can do it again. Your mind and your thoughts are powerful, so keep vibrating high and your greatest good will be accomplished!

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