How to Increase Productivity in 7 Steps

How to Increase Productivity in 7 Steps

You Can Be More Productive!

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you got nothing done? It’s easy to feel that way when you have a task you’ve been avoiding, when you’re feeling unmotivated, or when you have so much to do you don’t know where to begin. Perhaps all you need is some inspiration and a clear-cut plan that will show you how to increase productivity?

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You can have more productive days to look forward to if you implement the following seven-step plan. Here’s how to increase productivity and make the most of your daylight hours.

1. Create Realistic Goals
First, make sure you’re not trying to do too much, too quickly. If your task list is so long that it feels daunting, you don’t have the skills you need to accomplish your goal yet, or you’re wanting to tackle a big project in a short period of time, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. If you derail your results from the get-go by being unrealistic, you’ll get stuck in planning mode and nothing will change. Instead, start by figuring out what tasks you can actually do, what you can outsource to professionals, and how much time you think you need to get the job done—before you get to work.

2. Write Down Your To-Dos
The ritual of writing a to-do list is certainly a great way to keep yourself on track and stay accountable throughout the day. If you know what you want to accomplish and you have a concrete list on paper (or a digital list on your phone or laptop) to refer to, you’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you get to tick off the tasks. It’s also a good idea to start your morning and end your day by referencing this list. It will keep you honest about what you’ve really done or haven’t done. It’s a vital step for those of us who want to learn how to increase productivity.

3. Determine Your Priorities
When figuring out your to-dos, weigh what tasks must be done right now and what you can save for another day. If it’s not a top priority, make a separate list of long-term or monthly tasks. This way, you can stay organized and you’ll do the things that need to be done first too.

4. Limit Distractions
Emails, social media, texts from friends—all of these pings and messages keep us from being productive. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pause your inbox, limit your time on your smartphone or do whatever else you need to do to stay on task and focused. Even if you think you’re a great multitasker, most people actually aren’t. Doing one thing at a time will help you feel less scattered and more productive. It may sound counterproductive, but it’s an important step when you’re learning how to increase productivity.

5. Set a Timer
If you have trouble staying on track or finishing an item on your to-do list, give yourself a time limit. Knowing the clock is running gives you a boost that helps you get the job done. This tactic can also be helpful when you’re taking a break during the day and want to zone out or let your brain rest. You can set a five-minute timer while you scroll Facebook or do a timed meditation. Then get back to work.

6. Enlist an Accountability Partner
As with any goal, it can be helpful to let someone else know that you want to learn how to increase productivity. Ask them to check in with you on your progress. If you have a friend or family member who also wants to learn how to increase productivity, you can swap tips or challenge each other to stay the course as you develop new skills. Having someone in the trenches with you will provide you with the inspiration to keep going.

7. Reward Your Success
At the end of a very productive day, treat yourself to a good meal, a long bath, a yoga class or a few hours of TV time to watch your favorite show. Knowing there’s a reward on the horizon can provide some extra incentive to tackle all the items on your to-do list and keep you motivated throughout the day.

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