5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep for a Better You

5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep for a Better You

Sleep Better, Live Better

There’s nothing worse than waking up hours before your alarm is set to go off. Actually, there is something worse than that and it’s not being able to fall back asleep. Perhaps you’ve tried every trick in the book, from counting backward, to counting sheep, to concentrating on a spot on your wall. If you’re just lying in bed, night after night, in desperate need of better sleep, these five tips are for you. Here are five ways to improve your sleep.

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1. Cut Down on Caffeine
For most coffee fiends, the thought of going cold turkey is too difficult. We’re not asking you to do that. However, cutting back on your caffeine intake can drastically improve your sleep. You can start by limiting yourself to one cup in the morning. Or, stop drinking caffeine by a certain time of day. While caffeine does perk you up, it can also contribute to your lack of sleep. And the sleep deprivation you’re experiencing could be robbing you of far more energy than caffeine can restore. Just try it for a weekend at first and see how you feel. And, keep some headache medicine nearby to combat a headache you may get from the caffeine withdrawal. The pain will pass in a day or two, but the ability to improve your sleep will last much longer.

2. Silence and Darkness
Pick a time at night to “go dark.” That means you won’t be checking your phone watching TV or fiddling with any other electronic distractions that have the ability to tempt you when you should be sleeping. They also emit a blue light that sends a message to your brain that it’s time to wake up instead of going to sleep. Your bedroom should also be as dark as possible because light sources can keep you awake. Get a sleep mask or consider blackout curtains. You may even want to buy some foam earplugs if you have a bedmate who snores. A white noise machine can counteract street noise too.

3. Wind Down Early
Bedtimes aren’t just for kids! You do a ton of stuff during the day, so treat yourself to an early bedtime if you can. And don’t forget about the pre-sleep period. The time includes your bedtime routine, from washing your face to brushing your teeth and all the other rituals in between. If you want to improve your sleep, you should also avoid making big decisions before bed. Fighting with your partner or doing some online shopping before bedtime should also be nixed. The day you had could influence your decision-making abilities and your mood, so it’s better to have a good night’s sleep and revisit your feelings and challenges in the morning.

4. Try Body Scan Meditation
Follow your breath as you fall asleep. Inhale, wait a moment, and exhale. With each breath, take your relaxation to a different part of your body. You can start at the bottom and work your way up. This is often called a full-body scan, and it’s a type of meditation. As you move along, tell each part of you that it’s time to rest. This unifies your mind and body and improves your sleep.

5. Journal Before Bed
Part of your nighttime ritual can be writing in a journal. Pour your heart out and share all your fears, anxieties, and troubles into a little book. However, do not write in bed! Your bed should be reserved for sleep and sex only, so journal elsewhere in your home. Handwrite your entries for a stronger connection, then close your journal and get into bed. Your worries don’t belong in your bed with you! Journaling is a great way to help you wind down and improve your sleep.

Give yourself the gift of sleep. Making sleep a priority will pay you back many times over as your body relaxes and your mind brings you sweet dreams.

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