Birthstone Traits: Garnet, Amethyst, and Aquamarine

Birthstone Traits: Garnet, Amethyst, and Aquamarine

January, February, and March Birthstone Traits

The human psyche enjoys finding patterns or making associations to explain natural phenomenon. Colors, flowers, trees, phases of the moon, and many other items have an assigned spiritual association. Since we first began marking time, we associate specific character traits with each month too. On top of those character traits, each month also has an assigned birthstone. Do you know yours? Let’s explore the birthstone traits for the first three months of the year—January, February, and March.

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January’s Birthstone is Garnet

The Gregorian calendar (1582) moved the first day of the year to January. This month was named for the Roman god, Janus, who had two faces. One face looked to the future and the other looked to the past. Janus is the guardian of doorways, passageways, gates, and transitions, which include beginnings and endings.

Garnet’s name has its roots in the Latin word “granatum,” meaning pomegranate seeds. Its deep red color resembles the fruit’s beautiful seeds. Garnet also has its roots in the Middle English word “gernet,” which meant “dark red.” But garnet comes in other colors besides a deep red. There are orange, pink, green, and blue garnets too. The rarest garnets are colorless.

Due to the blood-red color of the most common type of garnet, it has a connection to human health. It was also used to treat wounds and ailments in ancient times. Warriors wore garnet to protect them from injury in battle. There was also a belief that it was good at preventing nightmares.

Garnet is also an ideal stone to give to a close friend because its birthstone traits include eternal friendship and trust.

February’s Birthstone is Amethyst

Named for the Latin term “februum,” meaning purification, the birthstone for February is amethyst. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans believed it would prevent drunkenness. In addition, they would use the stone to rid a person of evil thoughts. There was a belief that amethyst could bring peace and good fortune to those who wear or carry it.

Because purple dyes were so labor intensive and costly, only the extremely wealthy or members of the royal family could have its color in their wardrobes. As a result, amethyst was favored by the upper classes. Originally having ties to mourning or penitence, there was a belief that amethyst was a very rare stone too. At one time, it was even more costly than diamonds. Amethyst’s symbolism went from pious association to wealth and/or power.

It was a belief that amethyst could reduce stress in people and their environments. It could also promote the healing of the body and the spirit. There was also the belief that amethyst enhances the loving bonds between people, especially romantic partners. This is an especially appropriate birthstone trait for February because February is also the month of love—the month in which Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Now that you know its birthstone traits, it’s not hard to see why.

March’s Birthstone: From Bloodstone to Aquamarine

The third month of our calendar year, March was originally the first month of the ancient Roman calendar. This may have been due to the timing of the vernal equinox, which signifies the beginning of spring and the rebirth of the earth after the decay of winter. The month takes its name from the Roman god of war, Martius, and at one time it marked the start of the season of warfare.

The original birthstone for this month devoted to the god of war was bloodstone. It got its name from the red spots that look like drops of blood on a dark green background. In a religious sense, bloodstone had a connection to Christ and the crucifixion. This is also due to the appearance of those  “drops of blood” on the stone.

There was once a belief that bloodstone could treat or cure blood-related ailments. The stone was somehow able to absorb the illness from those who were suffering. Stomach pain caused by ulcers could find a treatment or cure in bloodstone, and it was also a treatment for infants with colic at one time.

In 1912, however. the birthstone for March became aquamarine, a stone which varies in color from blue-green to greenish blue. Its name is a compound word which translates from Latin into water (aqua) and sea (marina). There was a belief that aquamarine was able to ensure a safe sea voyage, as well as protect sailors or those at sea.

Because the stone contains no yellow undertones, it’s cool and calming, soothing the temper and causing the wearer to maintain level headedness too. It’s also an excellent meditation aid. It can help one develop a deeper sense of inner peace. Aquamarine also helps practitioners who feel out of balance maintain a greater feeling of inner harmony.

It’s traditional to give aquamarine to a bride. The gem symbolizes unity, love, and even reconciliation or the reawakening of love. Aquamarine is also an excellent anniversary gift. It possesses soothing energies and fosters long-term love, happiness, and fidelity. Are aquamarine’s birthstone traits intriguing to you?

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