Finding the Light Within

Take the Time to Get to Know Yourself

How often do we get the opportunity to see ourselves facing challenges head on? They come without warning like a band of thieves in the night and rob us of peace and serenity. Many times, often times, most of the time, we are so enmeshed in the emotional stages of development that we are simply locked into the center of the maze being tossed about by the torment of whatever the challenge happens to be. We are after all a magnificent work in progress and without challenges to move past we would never grow spiritually.

It’s never pleasant to loose the sense of self and wallow in pain, anger, grief, shock or self-pity to name a few pit falls because none of these paths serve us in a productive way. To loose sight of oneself and allow fear and dread to predominate, just reinforces the negativity. The downward spiral manifests and the obstacle becomes a vicious cycle shedding grief everywhere while spinning round and round.

It’s very difficult to view any obstacle as a challenge because clarity takes a holiday just when we need her the most. So what do we do?

Love yourself completely and nurture the core of your being, breathe deeply, exhale, and remember this very old proverbial quote, “this too shall pass.” When your composure comes back, remember to focus on yourself and do all the things that make your life worth living, be kind to yourself, embrace the child within as only you can, because you know that part of you better than any other living creature on the planet.

Revisit the spiritual side of life, whatever that is to you. Ask your guides for guidance, courage and serenity of spirit. Look around you. Earth is a beautiful planet, nature is very soothing to the spirit.

If you live in the city make it a point to get to a park and draw power from the beauty and the core of the earth, look at a tree and feel its majesty while absorbing its beauty. Try to go to a beach or visit a running body of water and cast your troubles on the water and ever so gently release and surrender your burdens to a higher power. Look at the sky and drink in the healing blue light that is abundant and free. Listen for the birds there are messages of joy in their songs. Embrace a sunrise and greet the light of day as a new beginning. Surrender your spirit to the sunset, absorb the warmth of the suns colors, let them radiate through your being.

Revisit the creative side of your spirit, create something beautiful, it can be anything, a poem, a verse, it’s not really what it is that counts, what matters is that it will be a reminder as you get back in touch with who you are, a token of gratitude to yourself. Have faith, rely on hope, and extend a hand of charity to your fellow man, which can be as simple as a kind word, or a smile extended to a passing stranger.

And once the eye of the storm has passed, reprogram your thoughts and words.

There is power in thought, more so than we realize, things in life manifest by the power of thought, so keep your thoughts positive. The spoken word is a powerful tool more so than we can ever imagine…” Think and speak only that which you wish to manifest, because surely it will.”

Most of all, stay true and be kind to yourself.

This is an abundant world, filled with abundant health, wealth, joy, love and peace, and, there is plenty of it for all of us, it’s our birthright!

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2 thoughts on “Finding the Light Within

  1. Startwin

    Hi! Elizabeth. Thank you for your article. Yes, I do agree the mind is very powerful. This
    has been told to me also by the book “Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue.” I write to the Angels and have this book with me to look up recurring numbers. They say the same thing
    like you said, think positive or else you will manifest. Again thank you for your advice.

  2. Max Rocchi

    Very good! I really needed to hear that for this week I have had enough inconveniences to last me 3 lifetimes!


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